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The Dangers of Hate Speech

By: Hasan Shahzad

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of The Dangers of Hate Speech

The Dangers of Hate Speech
What Is Hate

- Speech that is directed towards a distinguishable group, is used deliberately, causes harassment, causes violence, threatens the safety of others, or creates
any other forms of incitement (Butt)
Misuse of Freedom of Speech
- Because of the glorification of freedom of
Common Misconceptions
- Opinionated statements or journalism
Effects of Hate Speech on Its Victims
- Discriminatory hate speech effects:
It can shame them degrade them
Limits reproductive freedoms of its victims ( Mahoney).
How It Is Prevented
- Promotes human rights tolerance
By: Hasan Shahzad
Reasons for Prevention
- Encourages understandings of situations amongst differing
- Builds the capacity of national authorities, security officials and
- Lastly, eliminating hate speech creates “an environment conducive to
preventing acts of incitement to hatred" (Striking a Balance).
- Prevents forms of incitement, and thus increasing the safety of people
- Discriminates against groups of
people for their, religion, ethnicity, jobs,
sexual orientation, etc.
- Anything that causes incitement such as yelling "Fire!" in a movie theater (Uelmen).
-Anything that threatens the safety of others (Mahoney)
- Cyberbullying
- Yelling "Fire!" in a movie theater (incitement)
Causes widespread panic
Leads to the harm of people in theater (Volokh)
- Cyberbullying
Suicidal Thoughts
Suicide in severe cases (Bethune)
- "In the United States, even the most hateful, virile and destructive speech is constitutionally protected" (Butt).
expression in the US, a "haven for hate speech and
dissemination [have seen a rise] because of the lack of
laws to regulate it" (Mahoney).
Works Cited
that hurt ones feelings, are hate speech

- Racial Slurs are hate speech (Should Hate Speech be Allowed?).
- Hate speech prevention causes greatly reduced freedom of expression (Volokh)
- Governments and human rights
- Social media administrators identify, and eliminate hate speech (Goel)
organizations , pass laws to restrict freedom
of expression to prevent hate speech (Butt).
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Chart: http://foreignpolicyblogs.com/wp-content/uploads/chart1.png

Political Cartoon: https://radiofreethinker.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/double-standard-3.png
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