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Swallowing Stones

Scrapbook of Swallowing Stones book

on 27 February 2015

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Transcript of Swallowing Stones

1) Dragonfly(pg.61)-
The dragonflies are like the bullet to Mr. Ward they come so close to hitting but don't and in his case the bullet did.
2) Jenna's nightmare(pg.62)-
The vines would represent her wanting to have emotions about her fathers death. The ghost tree represents her father and the death.
3)Swallowing Stone Flashback(pg.38)-
Michael think because he didn't tell the truth that he swallowed the stone and can have a future. Though he can't get over the guilt to have that future.
4) Visit to the beach(pg. 134-135)-
Even when Jenna is trying to get away memories always resurface. It also shows the anger and how she wants to kill the killer during the trial.
5) The leak in Jenna's room(pg.133)-
The pain/grief that that manages to seeps through and won't patch up.
6) String of Rainy Days(pg.133)-
The tears that are supposed to be there but haven't came.
7) Jenna Cleaning her room(62-63)-
She wanted her room to be the only thing that hadn't change. She wanted order, so she could find peace in it knowing her dad won't return.
8) Ghost Tree(the healing Ch.25)-
It's a place of healing, so Jenna could heal the pain that blankets her. For Michael it's where he can heal the life that he keeps messing up.
Section 3:
Theme:Rely on Friends
Jenna and her mom finally stop fighting and get close as in before they fought all the time. Together they can mourn and repair their relationship becoming family and friends. They also learned forgiveness which would Jenna when she and Michael met by the Ghost Tree.
Even after Joe became the main suspect he still wasn't willing to turn Michael in. When Joe was the main suspect Michael had thought Joe should be the one in trouble but Michael knew Joe didn't deserve to go to jail and he should.
Thanks so much for reading Swallowing Stones!!
Amy helps both Michael and Jenna. For Michael she gives him peace and a relaxing time playing games and watching movies. doing what good friends do talking and laughing. For Jenna she shows Jenna what she went through and explaining the grief and guilt she had faced. Letting Jenna finally cry and getting through a stage of grief. Amy is a reliable friend who helps others who are in the need of help.
Swallowing Stones
Michael(in the beginning)-
Michael is a typical high school jock.Having popular girlfriends and friends. He was arrogant and selfish with had to really work hard for anything. He is shallow using Amy as a makeout out person.
Micheal(in the end)-
Michael becomes responsible for his actions. He is going to tell the truth to the police. He realizes real friends will be there when you need them the most. Even though he will go to jail he knows that if he doesn't swallow the stone he will drown in misery.
Jenna(in the beginning)-
Jenna is isolating herself from everyone. She doesn't want to believe in her heart that her dad is dead. She can't grieve if he is not willing to. She has panic attacks around Jason(her boyfriend).
Jenna(in the end)-
Jenna learns from Amy how to grieve and forgive herself and everyone else. She also learns that isolating yourself can make it harder on herself. That family and friends is a medicine to healing and learning how to heal.

There's not much information about Jason. He's sweet and caring. He cares about Jenna but there is no evidence that he grows.
He remains immature and a "bad boy". He also gets a sort of "high" from lying to the cops. From what Michael said was that he has been this way since 8th grade. Michael has always been there for Joe and cleaning up his messes.

Micheal's relationships with other characters
Amy sees him as a good guy who keeps making mistakes. She cares about Michael deeply not because he's a jock and is popular. He leads her into problems getting her hurt.Michael views her beyond her reputation and her looks. He sees that she is a nice person. She affects him by giving him peace in the midst of the chaos he causes.

Joe views Michael as his best friend. The person that has gotten him out of trouble and still puts up with him. He affects Michael by getting Michael in more trouble and problems. Michael views Joe as immature but still his best friend. Michael affects him by not being there like he used to. Making Joe try to sort through his problems and ending up drinking more.

Darcy's views him as a popular jock who is the perfect boyfriend for her perfect popular world. She affects him by hurting his friend Amy and making Amy so upset that she won't even talk to him.She also hurts his popularity by telling people what happened between them and making rumors. She hurts Michael more than anything. Michael affects her by also hurting her with talking to Amy. He views Darcy as a girlfriend without he love and devotion but as a popularity girlfriend. He learns that Darcy is a jealous person with only thoughts about herself and her popularity.

Jenna affects him by showing the insecurity and loneliness that blankets Michael. Jenna sees Michael in the depressed and lonely when she sees him on the front steps of the church. Michael affects her in the same way she affects him.
The Ghost Tree
Good friends are always there. Teens today need to realize that friends will help through the rough spots and cure you of unhappiness. You always need a good friend around.

When Michael learned that he hot an killed Mr. Ward, Joe said "..If he doesn't come forward he would be an accessory in the crime.". Joe doesn't want Michael life messed up so he won't tell the police. Even though that is wrong some friends would have ratted him others would try to get through it.
Without really trying Andrea(Jenna's friend) helps Jenna by getting her mind off of her father. You always need someone to help make you focus on other things
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