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Social Networking Scams


Lutfi Abu-Laila

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Social Networking Scams

Downloading malware I installed a user-made program on my profile pages Malware is a program a person download on a computer to gett access to accounts by having the passwords of them and check them from any other computer It enables the theft to download spywares, trojans, and viruses I felt embaressed especially that the theft is doing this to make fun of me to prevent this from happening again, I should know what is the program made for before downloading it, I should also check the source of the program and who made it Identity Theft Another person may use my identity to embaresse me or to loan money from banks as if I'm the loaner which causes me to pay for money I didnt borrow The thief send you message that says that the bank needs your pssword to check for something where the message or the e-mail would be exactly designed as the banks real design Result: The thief got my password and started borrowing money from my bank account as if I am the one who did it. Or the thief can steal my e-mail account and embaresses me by comments and many other ways It made me feel unsecured I you should check from the source of the sender before replying
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