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Why the Golgi Aparatus is THE most important organelle

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Blake Kornbrust

on 19 September 2014

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Transcript of Why the Golgi Aparatus is THE most important organelle

Why the Golgi Apparatus is THE most important organelle
Cells synthesize a large number of proteins and lipids. The Golgi apparatus is integral in modifying, sorting, and packaging these macromolecules for cell secretion. The Golgi plays an important role in the synthesis of proteoglycans. It is also a major site of carbohydrate synthesis. This includes the production of long unbranched polysaccharides which the Golgi then attaches to a protein synthesised in the endoplasmic reticulum to form proteoglycans.
• Found within the cytoplasm of both plant and animal cells, the Golgi is composed of stacks of membrane-bound structures known as cisternae
• Between four and eight cisternae are usually present in a stack; however, in some protists as many as sixty have been observed.
• The cisternae stack has four functional regions: the cis-Golgi network, medial-Golgi, endo-Golgi, and trans-Golgi network.
• Also called the Golgi Body, or just the Golgi.
In animal cells, there are just
a few but large Golgi Apparatus. They are spread throughout the cell in no particular order. The same goes for plant cells for their location. As for their frequency and shape, they tend to be smaller and more frequent in plant cells.
Golgi Apparatus in an animal cell
The Golgi Apparatus is important because it processes and packages protein and lipid. without the golgi apparatus you would lose your DNA, because DNA is composed of protein. Also, without lipids your cells would have misformed shpaes because the cell membrane is somposed of a bi lipid layer, and lipid can be burned into energy.
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