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Ironed Jawed Angels

Film Synopsis: This film took place in Philly, where a young woman was trying to make a stand for women's suffrage. She was working against the old suffragists (NAWSA) to change rights for women forever. Her name was Alice Paul. In this presentation w

Anne Ballentine

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Ironed Jawed Angels

Ironed Jaws Angels Film Synopsis This film takes place in 1912 Philly, when a young suffragist activist, Alice Paul (Hilary Swank) attempts and succeeds in changing right for women forever. Alice and her followers and co-activist Lucy Burns (Frances O'Connor) fight against the old suffragist group, the NAWSA (National American Woman Suffrage Association) lead by Carrie Chapman Catt and Anna Howard Shaw, orginally started by Susan B. Anthony. After standing up against the NAWSA, Alice Paul and company protest in front of the White House, quoting the President (Wilson) and the change he promised, but never followed through with. They eventually get taken away by the police and Alice Paul decides to protest in prison, by refusing to eat. The other women finally follow suit and are at last let out of prison. HBO Documentary Woman On The Horse The woman on the horse was a way of placeing all women on a pedastal. Showing that they are proud and strong. Almost giving a Joan of Arc air to the women fighting for the right to vote. The first scene with the Woman on the horse is only the beginning of the fight. She actually falls off of her horse when the rioters fight againste the sufferagists. The message: They may fall down, but they will stand again. Refusal of Food Force Feeding Alice Paul started the refusal to eat to prove that she was standing up for an ideal not for her own benefit, she was doing it fora more important cause. She wanted to show that she could be stronger than the government that was trying to stop her from protesting her right of free speech. If she couldn't protest in front of the White House, she would do it in jail. Sometimes you need to go to extremes to prove a point. This shock value opened the eyes of closed minded women, and it helped the on the fence men to change their views in support of the suffergettes. Cinematography Actors and Actresses Alice and Ben Alice and Lucy Alice, Cattie, Lucy, Harriot Music Everything You Want: Vertical Horizon Everything is Everything: Lauryn Hill Will the Circle Be Unbroken: Suffrage Song Come Along With Me: Titiyo Lucy Cattie Alice Lady on the Horse Ben Weissman The Enemy
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