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political cartoon presentation

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Elise Kacan

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of political cartoon presentation

Political Cartoons Different Political Cartoons Different political cartoons hold different meanings, this cartoon is showing Abraham Lincoln making the statement "With blacks and whites treated equally, our country would be more in sync with each other" to the war industry; free the slaves The who of political cartoons.. Thomas Nast is a famous political cartoonist who created the idea of the elephant to represent the Republican party. His idea came from a cartoon that he created called the "The Third Term Panic". This cartoon displayed various animals with different writings on them, the main focus was a donkey dressed as a lion who was intimidating all the other animals away including the Elephant. On the Elephant it said "the republican vote", this cartoon showed that the democrats were scaring away the republican vote. The "brains" The "brains" is a political cartoon created by Thomas Nast. This picture displayed the body of Boss Tweed but where his head should be there is a money bag. Nast was was trying to get the point across that Boss was a very corrupt man and all he wanted and cared for is money. This is a good example of the wide range that political cartoons vary in, this cartoon broken down is that Sarah Palin pretends to be so nice and small town when really she is like a mean dog when shes in the political world. political cartoons: are art forms portraying government programs, policies, and personalities in humorous ways. Although occasionally used to elicit praise, political cartoons more often employ satire and parody to criticize opponents during election campaigns. Another cartoon by Thomas Nast Elise Kacan Alyssa Roth Lyndy Hawk Thanks for watching :)
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