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Animal Rights

No description

Christine St.Jules

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Animal Rights

Animal Rights
Not only can an animal feel pain but also sense and feel fear.
Pit Bull Fights
Though an exact number is unknown, up to 100,000 animals are being abused each year.
Woman and men r
esemble each other closely, while
human and animals
differ greatly. So it might be said,
woman a
nd men are similar beings and should have
equal rights,
but humans and animals are different and should not have equal rights
Physical Abuse
Emotional Feelings
And an estimate of 1500 animals are being rescued each year from situations of neglected, abuse and abandonment.
Even after reading a few paragraphs, up to 39 animals have already died from abuse.
There are various groups and organizations that fight to stop abuse of animals but it is very hard to stop it before it happens.
No animal should be treated or viewed differently from any human. Animals have the ability to feel pain, sense fear and have emotions just like people. They also go through physical and emotional abuse such as being mistreated in circuses and zoo’s.
Animals should have the same kind of rights as humans in today’s society.
We must treat them with respect.
Having said that, many humans believe that animals do not have a soul, but the soul is the principle of life. Since animals are a living things they have souls, and just like humans they can feel pain.
Pain can be considered into two categories; Physical hurt (such as injuries or diseases) and Emotional suffering.
Whether an animal can feel pain has been an issue for many years but, humans and animals share the same mechanisms of pain detection in which they have similar areas of the brain involved in processing pain and also show similar pain behaviors.
Just like stepping on an animal paw or a cat’s tail they yelp, and that yelp is telling you that they felt pain. It is the same thing as another human stepping on a human’s foot.
Psychologist B.F. Skinner proved that animals can feel pain in a clinic’s test by which animals where shocked with electrical current as they would approach their food
Fear is an emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous and could cause pain or be a threat
Animals can definitely feel fear; in fact this emotion helps them remain safe. If they did not experience fear, they would not be capable of protecting themselves in any situation
A study in 1997 led by the Sub-Department of animal behavior at the University of Cambridge has showed that when deer where hunted down by a group of hounds , they had high levels of stress hormones in their body at the time of their death and their muscles represented signs of stress damage. This type of fear stress can be showed across the animal world
Every animal is born with the ability to detect and respond to certain kinds of danger, and to learn about things associated with danger
Such as the field mouse, he might run as he sees the shadow of his predator or a human will flee if she/he feels unsafe in an area
Animal rights activists such as Singer argue that just knowing that animals feel pain and fear is enough of a reason to change the way we treat them and think about them
Using animals for entertainment is wrong because it violates the animal’s right to live in freedom and it fails to treat animals with respect they need. Many animals experience physical abuse in circuses, zoos and other animal entertainment such as movies. This could involve cruelty during the show.
. According to congressional testimony by former Beatty-Cole elephant keeper Tom Rider N.Y, when Pete the elephant did not properly perform her act, she was taken to a tent and five trainers beat her with bull-hooks.
All wild animals should have the equal right to live in their natural habitat where they belong, not in circuses and zoos where they are abused and kept for our entertainment.
An animal emotion is a complicate arena, but the scale is tipping forward showing that animals do have emotions
Researchers have shown that mice are empathic rodents, but it turns out they’re fun and loving as well.
Just look at animals, listen to them. Look at their face, tail, body, eyes to see their emotions, and what we see on the outside is telling us what is happening inside the animals head or heart
An animal can be crying uncontrollably but the next thing you know they can be happy again. Or two animals can be playing and having fun but then they can turn against each other.
Animals cannot describe what they are feeling as humans can but Sonya Fitzpatrick described them as people but just in animal bodies.
Pit bull are showed to be a kind and loving dog just like any other one, but the way they are treated is terrible.
Pit bull fights are very common around the world.
It is even against the law to own one in Ontario and in all 50 states of the United States because some people where not properly training them (eg:attack dogs) and they became dangerous to others
In Alabama and Georgia authorities busted a dog fighting ring and resulted in 367 pit bull terriers being found. The dogs ranging in age from several days’s old to ten/twelve years. These dogs’s has been left to suffer in extreme heat with no fresh water or food to eat. Many of the pit
bulls where left with scars and wounds from dog fighting
An average of 16,000 dogs get killed each year from organized dog fights and the number keeps on growing.
Martin Mersereau quoted, “Anyone capable of this kind of cruelty poses a serious risk, not just to animals, but to fellow human’s beings as well.” Communities should be concerned when animal abusers are found in their midst. Researchers in psychology and criminology reveal a consistent pattern of cruelty to animals among perpetrators of violence towards humans”
This means we have to watch out for animal abusers because not only can they be cruel to animals but to humans as well.
People like this do not care for anyone but themselves and community should be concerned this. Animals should have the right to feel secure with their owners and not being used to fight other animals.
Animal testing
There should be an end to animal testing. Animal experiments are always unacceptable because it causes suffering to the animal.
These animals are being forced to have chemicals into their eyes and in their stomach. These animals have no say whether they want to be test animals or not. Instead we speak for them.
Ellen DeGeneres stated, “If you want to test cosmetics, why do it on some poor animal that hasn’t done anything? They should use prisoners who have been convicted of murder or rape instead. So, rather than seeing if perfume irritates a bunny rabbit’s eyes, they should throw it in Charles Manson’s eyes and ask him if it hurts” ("Quotes About Animal Testing").
Emotional Abuse
Physical abuse normally leads to emotional abuse and can cause depression, low self- steam, anger and moodiness to an animal.
Animals that are removed from their natural habitat and social structure would most likely face this kind of abuse. Any kind of animal has the right to live in freedom and to run freely. Taking an animal away from their natural habitat is like taking a child away from their mother, it’s wrong.
All wild animals deserve the right and respect to live a life in freedom.
Animal’s who are neglected by their owners can result to emotional abuse. Animal neglect is the failure to provide proper care to an animal such as food, shelter or even keeping your dog chained up with no contact with anyone.
This is pretty emotional because that animal does not get a social life. As well, seeing an animal with no food or water is also emotional because they suffer. Just like a human, these animals need the proper care to survive, if not they can die or face medical issues.
There is a news story of a day old puppy found abandoned in a shoe box inside a garbage bag under a bus stop bench in Maple Ridge. Since it had been a while since she had eaten, her blood sugar was low causing her to have seizures
Humans who failed to take proper care of an animal should bring them to the humane society instead of neglecting them. Instead they try to avoid paying a fee.
A dog will love you more then he loves himself.
Animals should have the same rights as humans to have proper care. Just because they are animals does not mean we have the right to neglect them on the street. They are like our kids and we should treat them that way.
Verbal Harassment
Unfortunately, people also use verbal harassment such as shouting and the use of angry gestures to an animal. You can emotionally scare them and they do not react well. Even though an animal does not understand what you are saying, the tone is what the animal understands and yelling at them will scare them
An animal face has the same emotions as children do when getting yelled by their parents. Some example of verbal abuse would be ignoring and rejecting the animal.
When an animal is emotionally hurt they show us, but as humans we just ignore them. An animal is no less than a human, they are our friends and family therefore, why are we treating them differently? If you would not verbally abuse your child or a friend then why do it to an animal? They feel the same way.
No Rights
Regrettably, there are some people who feel that it is not fair for an animal to have the same right as humans because they make no contribution to society besides feeding us. However this is untrue, animals contribute far more to society then food, clothing and products. Throughout our history, animals have helped us establish cities, beautiful countryside and helped police officers fight crime in the city
In India, elephants are used for heavy lifting and hard slogging. Horses are also used for agriculture, heavy lifting and even as a carriage. Animals also play other roles then agricultural industry, they help people enjoy life. Such as a dog that is a loyal companion and can cheer up someone feeling lonely. Or a horse used for riding provides major sources of recreation for many people.
The great Mahatma Gandhi pointed out that, “You can tell a lot about a society by the way it treats it animals” (“Quotes About Animals”). If the society is well taken care of then so are the animals and the people living in it.
No souls
As also mentioned before, Christian theologians used to teach that only human being with souls deserves ethical consideration and since animals did not have a soul, they did not have any moral rights.
Meanwhile a soul is the principle of life and since animals are living things, they have souls
Even though animals do not resemble like us humans it does not make them any less then us. They still feel the same emotions as we do and they can dance, love and work as we do. Therefore we should treat them equally.
People also believe that animals should not have rights because they were put on earth to serve us humans. As human beings, we are above animals and were entitled to use animals in any way we wanted.
Just because we are more developed then animals does not mean we can treat them differently, more or less we should treat them with respect. Everyone one on earth is here for a purpose.
Just because we are more developed then animals does not mean we have the right to treat them how we want. We must treat them with respect and teach them new things. If we keep abusing them they will not learn a single thing but fear.
Animals should absolutely have rights. They do a lot for us humans such as saving our lives and help us build a community. If we begin to torture our animals, then next we will think it is okay to torture kids also, think about it?
In conclusion, animals do deserve the same kind of rights as humans. They feel the same pain, fear and emotions as we do.
They deserve to live a life without any physical and emotional abuse. We must treat our animals with respect and appreciate what they do in our society because for all we know, we could not have done it alone. We must help animals fight for their rights and be their voice.
We are animals too and animals have the right to live. This planet is not only for us but for everyone who lives on it.
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It is hard to describe an animal emotion and very difficult to define it, but it is there.
Over 100 million animals are being burned, crippled, poisoned and abused
Robert Brault once stated, “I believe in animal rights, and high among them is the right to the gentle stroke of a human hand.”
Robert Brault once stated, “I believe in animal rights and high among them is the right to the gentle stroke of a human hand”
These loyal and loving animals are trained to become dog aggressive and they suffer in every aspect of their lives. During training, these dogs are tied to a treadmill with heavy weights forcing them to run. The weaker ones are usually used as “bait dogs”. Dog fighters breed fighting dogs but, professional fighters breed selectively so the bloodline of a champion dog can live on. During fights dogs normally suffer from ripped flesh, broken bones, death from loss of blood and so on. Many thousand of dollars can be gambled at a fight
In addition, not only are animals being used as entertainment in circuses and zoo’s but also in our neighborhood.
If only humans had been treating these animals with love and respect that they need, there would not be any issues with these dogs.
Right now many rats, mice, cats, dogs are locked up in crowded cages around the world. Suffering from pain and loneliness, these animals should be living a painless free life, but instead, they have to wait in fear for the next painful experience.
Just look into their eyes, these animals just want to be set free. So why do we not give them that right?
In other words, if it’s okay to experiment on caged animals, it should also be okay to experiment on caged prisoners. Animals are innocent creature that can do no harm, but yet we still treat them like their nothing. All animals should have the rights to live in a painless,test free world.
Animal Testing
It is very hard to stand up against animal testing and the government should ban it. Without animal testing the world could be a better place for both humans and animals.
A dog is a very loyal companion. He will put his life first before yours. So why be so cruel and neglect an animal who loves you more than he loves himself?
Nothing is being done to protect our animals because we are all afraid to take a stand.
Many animals that have been taken away from their habitat are being sold through local newspaper, magazines and even websites. This could lead to emotional abuse.
Not always is it an animal’s fault that they turn against humans; they could be emotionally hurt and deserve to live a free life in the jungle where they belong, not in cramped cages.
Many of today’s animals do not have any rights. In rare cases certain species such as a dog or a cat are given legal protection. Species are not considered to have equal rights.
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