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Civil war battles

No description

kaitlin mitchell

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Civil war battles

Civil war battles fort sumter They were sent first to Fort Johnson (Dec. 26) The voyage was short and successful refusal to give up Sumter, treated him as a public enemy within the domain. 1st bull run The first major battle of the Civil War was fought in Virginia McDowell ordered two artillery batteries to advance to silence the defensive fire The Confederate position was still badly outnumbered Antietam September 17, Hooker’s corps mounted a powerful assault on Lee’s left flank that began the single bloodiest day in American military history. Lee was out numbered 2-to-1 Confederate forces converged on the town from west and north,
driving Union defenders back through the streets to Gettysburg July 3, the Confederate infantry were driven
from their last toe-hold on Culp’s Hill Vicksburg spring of 1863 he prepared to cross his troops from the
west bank of the Mississippi River to a point south of Vicksburg
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