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Whispers From the Camp

No description

ikwinder sahota

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Whispers From the Camp

March To Freedom
This chapter (story) is written by Kathy Kacer. It showcases the terrifying moments that occurred with John Freund. He managed to survive the struggle and now he is safe and alive.
April 10, 1945
John and the other hostages were about to march out of Flossenburg. When he heard about the Nazi Army being defeated by the Soviet Army and the Allies, he was happy but he didn't really know how freedom looked like because he spent about 2 years in concentration camps.
April 11, 195
It was their first day of doing the march.
They walked over 30 kilometers already.
He was weak and starving which made it
hard for John to walk constantly. To him it
felt like a death march. His fellow prisoners
were collapsing, dieing, falling on the ground,
and some of the prisoners were getting shot
by the Nazi guards if they were at the back.
April 16, 1945
John had been walking for 5 days now.
He had already seen hundreds of the other
prisoners die. Some of the prisoners were trying
to make a run for it into the woods. Some succeeded but the others got shot from the back. But he found himself praying for them to survive the escape and reach the safe zone in the woods.
April 18, 1945
All the prisoners marched through a village where all the villagers were hiding behind their locked doors. He questioned why in his mind. It was night time and they had to sleep on the cold and hard ground. He was very hungry. So he sneaked into a farmer`s field when no one was looking. He dug out a potato on the farm. He also dug out a few more. He stuffed them in his pocket and he was happy that he wasn't going to starve much anymore.
April 20, 1945
The prisoners were loaded onto open coal cars to be transported west across Germany. He is recalling all his memories that he had at his hometown Czechoslovakia. He fell asleep leaning against the wall with noises like coughs coming from his fellow prisoners. But there was also another sound, the sound of airplanes flying over them.As the airplane got closer, it started shooting bullets with its machine gun. Everyone hid for safety under the train. He heard the voice of a kid screaming. He saw that he had been shot in the leg by a bullet. John pulled out some strips of cloth out of his pocket and gave it to the kids father. Right away the Nazi guards loaded the prisoners back onto the train.
April 22, 1945
The prisoners got off the train and now started walking again. A man that claimed to be a palm reader approached John. The man took a few minutes to read his palm and told John that he will survive. After a long time, John felt hopeful and had a strong feeling that he was going to survive.
April 24, 1945
John felt like he had been walking for 2 years now, even though it was only 2 weeks. Every step meant 1 second. That is how the days blended. He saw only about 2 hundred fellow prisoners left and the Nazi guards. But the guards were running into the forest and leaving the prisoners unguarded as if they were scared and nervous. Up front, they saw an army tank coming towards them. Everybody ran. While he was running, he looked back and saw a soldier raising his hand, telling him to come to him.
As he approaches the tank, he is lifted by a young soldier onto the tank. He was in surprise that he actually survived the holocaust. He was offered a chocolate bar by the soldier. He took a moment to think, and threw away the potato and took the chocolate bar.

John Freund is 1 victim out of the millions that were targeted. He struggled, but he made through the holocaust and survived with his strong strength of hope.
This is the end of our presentation.
We hope you liked our presentation.
Thank You !
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