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No description

maliyah browning

on 7 December 2012

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Transcript of ALADDIN

Plot story of Aladdin Aladdin EXPOSITION Conflict Rising Action Falling Action Climax Resolution Characters: Aladdin finds a magic lamp and wishes for princess Jasmine to love him but Genies cant do that.So, he wishes for him to look like a prince because he is scared that princess Jasmine wouldn't love him.He also finds a magic carpet. Jafar brain washes princess Jasmine's dad to force her to marry Jafar.Then he captures princess Jasmine but before he could do anything Aladdin comes.He also trys to capture Aladdin but he breaks out of it and he saves them all. Princess Jasmine falls in love with Aladdin and of course they get married and he becomes king.They live happily ever after You should not judge a book by its cover and you should ask your love because you might have a chance.But if you dont how would you know and what if something bad happens you would wish you would've asked them. Aladdin Princess Jasmine Jafar Genie Aladdin wants to badly marry princess jasmine but jafar is his obsticle will he succeed? Jafar trys to take over the palace and control the crown
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