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Leonard Pearlin's Theory of Psychological Distress

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Leah Robinson

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Leonard Pearlin's Theory of Psychological Distress

Leonard Pearlin's
Theory of
Psychological Distress
Leonard Pearlin
Graduate Professor and Senior Research Scientist in the Department of Sociology since 1995
Received; Distinguished Career Award for; Practice of Sociology from; American Sociological Association (ASA); 1998
Received; Award of Career Contributions in; Sociology of Mental Health from; ASA Section of the Sociology of Mental Health; 1996
His theory is different than other scientists
disagrees with life stages
people continuously change due to situations and the stresses that come along with them to help them evolve
agreed that early adulthood might be the time for acting on the dreams of adolescence
skills people have for coping with stress
availability of social support networks
timing of stress that requires a response
4 Elements
By: Taylor & Leah
he believes that people are able to change the life structure at any time
also disagrees with the stage theory
not necessary to think of life during the beginning of adulthood, your not ready to get into the big things in life yet
The 4 elements determine the path individuals will take

1. individual characteristics
2. skills for coping with stress
3. availability of social support networks
4. nature & timing of stress that requires response
His Theory
1. Individual characteristics
Certain characteristics can effect your life choices:
family background
2. Skills For Coping With Stress
how well you work under pressure
do you have the skills to deal with your stress?
how do you deal with distress?
3. Availability of Social Support Networks
do you have people to turn to? to talk to?
your friends? family?
is there a youth group near by ?
talk to your guidance counselors
4. Nature & Timing of Stress That Requires Response
what level of stress are you at ?
By: Leah Robinson
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