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♥ Roonie♥

♥ Roonie♥

Emili Jean Keil

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of ♥ Roonie♥

Double click anywhere & add an idea My babies =D Roonie =) And Lola =P Roonie is my 9 month old
english bull dog. He has a
little brown dot on his head.
His two bottom teeth stick out.
He is the most obeediet dog...
untill you sit. He loves eating peoples
toes. He is a mommys boy. I LOVE
ROONIE TO DEATH. And nothing
will change that. Lola is my 2 week old calico
kitten. Her mommys name is
Mitsey. Lola lives in lake mills
Wisconsin. love the sound of her meow in
the morning when i pick her up.
I love her so much.
She is my pride and soul.

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