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launchpad operating procedures

No description

Alex McCombie

on 24 May 2016

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Transcript of launchpad operating procedures


Dealing with complexity
As your business grows, your adminstrative processes will reach their limits. Improving your systems can release pent up growth in your company.
Improve your products
Refine your process, expand your capacity to manage complexity.
Simplify the process of organising work to exacting standards.
Unleash your Processes
Support your business process directly.
Provide you admin team with the best available tools.
Release pent-up growth by removing administrative limits to growth.
Small changes in processes can lead to huge productivity improvements in the workplace.
Ensure that best practices are defined and shared.
How does it work?
We are offering amazing global improvements at every level of your company process.
Here is how we deliver on our promises.

Real Benefits
Take a moment to consider what our technology can do for you.
Procedures Database
Stores all the source documents related to procedure.
Defines best practice centrally, and allows it to be instantly accessible to staff.
Your operational procedures can be edited, updated, reviewed and pubished like normal documents.
Staff can access all relevant procedures to their role, before doing the job.
New staff can be trained using real procedure documents.

Cloud Accessible
The system can communicate with all staff and customers via email, sms.
Procedure documents can be dispatched via email or SMS.
The library can be used as standard training materials.
Event management: look up OPs related to current events to see the official response.
Immediate notification of unhandled jobs.
As jobs arrive, they need to be assigned an official procedure, so that any staff looking up the job can find out how it's done.

Policy Development
Responses: audit the event log to see what procedures were applied to what situations.
Adapting: create procedures to handle new situations.
Customer Procedures: Provide staff with specific procedures for each customer.

The parts make up a harmonious system,
aimed directly at getting everything done.

We can upgrade the whole basis of your
administrative process,
to enable you to get the consistent performance
that comes from clear procedures.

Librarian: stores all the source documents related to procedure.
Editor: you can create and update OPs.
Sharing: staff can access all relevant procedures to their role.

Simple Progress
We aim to get more stuff done.
By removing bottlenecks from your company processes,
we throw all your profitable workflow
into a single body of work, and attempts to get it all done, on time and up to spec, focusing available skills on the whole project.
The overall message of launchpad is - get it done as quickly and easily as possible.
The goal is to make the existing job easier - it's just easier for you to do so on a system designed to make jobs easier to complete.

Best Practice
Define your best practices, and then include in job orders, when staff are assigned to new roles.
All jobs should have procedures attached to them, which staff can read to get specific details on official procedures.

Shared Experience
Librarian: stores all the source documents related to procedure.
Editor: you can create and update OPs.
Sharing: staff can access all relevant procedures to their role.

Here are a collection of great benefits to you and your company.
This is still an experimental document,
but give it a whirl...
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