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Forex Audit Robot and Profit Optimizer

Daniel Katz

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of MaxEDD

The problem is most of them are
extremely risky… and even worst…
many of the Robots available out there
DO NOT WORK! There are Hundreds of Forex Robots
in the marketplace and it is a complex
task to choose the right one…
...and will
Faster than you can stop it.
Yes, the forex market is being
MASSACRED by these cheap
and low quality Expert Advisors
The truth is…

You CANNOT Afford
Losing Money Anymore!
However there is a solution… YES!

TODAY there is a way
to bring confidence back
to the Forex Market!
Imagine being able to know
which robots could burn out
your account… (before it's too late)!

Sounds interesting, ah?
What if… You could get rid
of Risky Robots (and scams)
to protect your investment…
Or even better:
What if… you could be able to detect
the few GOOD Forex Robots… the
ones that really worth…
Those You can securely trade with
(Avoiding crazy risks)… And finally… what if… you could SQUEEZE
your Forex Robot making (almost) every trade
a profitable one...
Gaining more pips per trade than the developer! And now take a look at the results I get
using the SAME robot, after applying
a few tiny changes… check this out:
Same robot, same broker
Both are real-live accounts
But… one is the STANDARD robot,
and the second option (the winner),
is my OPTIMIZED account…

So how would you prefer trading?

A. Taking the risk of having a robot
that loses your money after a few trades?

B. Trading with an audited and approved
robot that can bring you fair profits? or...

the algorithm of your forex robot? Introducing MaxEDD Forex Audit Robot
and Profit Optimizer, the ultimate trading
instrument for 2010’s forex trading. I’m Uriel Katz, the Founder of Forex-Robots.com,
the only REAL forex robots comparison portal.

During the last 5 years I’ve been studying the behavior
of almost every Forex Robot as part of my research
to develop MaxEDD.
MaxEDD Forex Audit Robot and Profit Optimizer
will give you back the CONFIDENCE on Forex Robots
that you have lost… generating REAL PROFITS and
minimizing unnecessary risks! Once you'll start trading
with MaxEDD you won’t
believe you could trade
blindly in the past. Trade safely, confidently
and have a profitable trading experience from now on,
with MaxEDD. Let me show you an example…
This statement belongs to a GOOD robot
in a LIVE trading account… not bad at all:

Good News for
FX Robot Traders! www.maxedd.com 6.14%
in just
a few
days... Over 160%
MORE Profits
than the
Hello Clif
Fuck you clif Hello
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