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What if the Colonists Lost the Battle of Saratoga

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Kylie Condosta

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of What if the Colonists Lost the Battle of Saratoga

Convinced France to aid the colonists during the American Revolution
Would be influential in winning the war
Earned respect of European powers
Bolstered American confidence
" ...transmit...due and full information of all persons who shall be found carrying on correspondence with, or in any manner or degree aiding or abetting the persons now in open arms and rebellion against our Government, within any of our Colonies and Plantations in North America, in order to bring to condign punishment the authors, perpetrators, and abetters of such traitorous designs." - King George III
Effects of the Battle
No Victory = Colonial America Restored
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
The Turning Point of the War
Two Battles
Works Cited
British Army was led by General John Burgoyne
American Army regrouped
Washington sends Benedict Arnold to aid Horatio Gates
September 19th, 1777-
Burgoyne attacks
Fighting rages at Freeman's Farm
Arnold supplies Gates with reinforcements
Gates retreats - Britain wins but suffers heavy losses
October 7th, 1777
Gates and men positioned to defend Albany
Arnold leads attack to capture British strongholds
Forced British to retreat
"Battle of Saratoga." History.com. A&E Television Networks, n.d. Web. 15 May 2014.

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What if the Colonists Lost the Battle of Saratoga?
If Howe had come to the aid of Burgoynes instead of going to attack Philadelphia
Burgoynes would have the reinforcements and man power he lacked
The British could have won the Battle of Saratoga
The Americans would not have secured French support
Would not have had the aid of Marquis de Lafayette or the French fleet
Lack of numbers and navy would've led to American surrender
Britain wins
Leaders like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson might've been killed
Colonists would've been under military rule
Increased taxes to pay for costs of rebellion
The colonies would have been hard to manage
impoverished and bitter
Remained under British rule - unable to expand into the Midwest
Changed North American landscape
No industrial revolution
Colonies kept underdeveloped
Natural resources would fuel British Industrial Revolution
Slavery would have ended in 1833
Colonists would've rebelled
War ensues
This time the colonists would be backed by France under Napoleon III - who wanted to extend French influence into Americas
Repeat of the American Revolution
British abandons colonies
Cost of maintaining the colonies exceeds the profit the British get from their resources
Formation of an American democratic government
Extremely underdeveloped industrially as a result of colonization
Never becomes world power
Britain becomes a huge, unrivaled global power
Democracy would have been slow coming
Americans would have been restricted to East Coast
The Americans would've remained extremely isolationist during WWI
Largely reliant on other countries for trade
The Spanish American War would never have occurred
Cuban Missile Crisis never happens
Phillipines remains under Spanish
Mexican American war never happens
-no territorial disputes
America becomes dependent on French
Anti-Communism rage would ravage U.S. in response to the USSR's activities
U.S. would remain neutral during WWII - Pearl Harbor would not have happened as America did not have the means to have a large navy
Cold War ensues on a lesser scale
9/11 never happens - U.S. couldn't afford to expend energy overseas
Iraq War never occurs
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