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Mental Health Milestone 2: Screenwriter

No description

Kindel Anderson

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Mental Health Milestone 2: Screenwriter

Maria Myers Maria is the main character of the story. Maria will learn to accept herself during the story. She tries to overcome an eating disorder and feel better about herself. She learns, too, that the friends she has are fake and don't really care for her. Maria is a girl who is overcome with the need to be accepted, and by doing this, she tramples others and harms herself to become more and more like the people she desperately wants to be. She has a low self-esteem and hides her true feelings so she won't be put down. To other people, she is mean and uncaring. However, she is truly very kind and compassionate. She gets good grades in class, but when she wants to fit in, she purposefully fails things to be like the girls she hangs out with. When Arthur helps her accept who she is, she begins to accept others and show her true nature to help others. Maria's family are of the upper middle class. Her father travels a lot with the military. Her mother is a tutor and care taker. She has a younger brother. When she is first bullied, her parents chose to move and start over, homeschooling the girl. Maria gets good grades, but as soon as she returns to public school, she tries to fit in. Maria is a average, seventeen year-old American female. She has green eyes and blonde hair. She appears to hold herself above others, but is really very unhappy with herself. Maria's favourite foods are junk foods, such as icecream and pizza, however, she never keeps it in her body. She enjoys reading and playing video games, but she doesn't let her friends know that, sticking to topics of boys and nail polish when with them. She also enjoys watching football with her father when he is home and helping her mom with the kids she cares for. She has a jock boyfriend who mostly ignores her unless he wants something. Maria's friends also poor mouth her when they are away from her. Arthur Hopkins Arthur is also a main and supporting character. He tries to help Maria overcome her sense of worthlessness and learn to love herself. By helping Maria, he learns to help himself. Arthur is an angry child. The male has a negative outlook on life and has no problem giving his single mother trouble. He only begins to change his attitude when he meets Maria and wants to help her. After he helps her, he becomes much warmer and caring. Arthur's father left when he was eight and never came home. His mom became a drunk who couldn't hold a job. Their family struggles to keep a house and food on the table, but his mom won't let him drop out to help pay for the three person family. His little sister is nine and tries to make Arthur smile, looking up to him. Arthur is a tall, average built male. He is seventeen and has short black hair with blue eyes. He is stand-offish and doesn't smile often. His favourite foods are italian pastas. Arthur likes movies and video games. He tries to guide his little sister, only showing kindness to her. After first seeing Maria, something about her draws him in. He doesn't take to any friends in school until he and Maria become friends. Mental Health Milestone Two By Kindel Anderson
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