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Cao Dai "Dai Dao Tam Ky Pho Do

No description

Sakurano Maeda

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Cao Dai "Dai Dao Tam Ky Pho Do

The Divine Eye
Religious Ceremonies
“The Big Bang Theory”
A male element (yin) spun out which was God himself, and then he created a female element (yan), together they created more planets, galaxies, stars, everything in the universe, then HE populated these planets with life, beginning with plants, animals, and humans

After death and Salvation
Depending on the life you live on earth and karma, your next life will be determined
Bad: reincarnated in negative circumstances
Rebirth on colder, darker planet than earth
Good: reincarnated in more positive circumstances
Rebirth to a better life on earth

Colors play a major role in Cao Dai
Yellow (for Buddhism and virtue)
Blue (for Taoism and pacifism)
Red (for Christianity, Confucianism, and authority)
Cao Dai
- mixture of Taoism, theories of karma and rebirth from Buddhism, ethical precepts of Confucianism, hierarchical organization from Roman Catholicisom
Key Writings
Faith of Unity
Dai Dao Tam Ky Pho Do

a conversation between the spirit of Victor Hugo and a Cao Dai leader in 1930
illustrations of symbolic hand gestures and other symbols, common prayers and vows
Hum Dac Bui's presentation of Cao Dai philosophy
There are 4 ceremonies (services) in a day
6:00 am, noon, 6:00 pm, midnight
Caodaists are all recommended to go
Ceremony: 10 musicians and a choir of 20 youth lead services in prayer and hymns

Hoy Yen Dieu Tri

The actual worship of the Great Mother and the Nine Goddesses takes place at midnight
Other activities that take place…
Traditional lion dances
Women vegetarian cooking competitions
Children have a lantern competition
The ultimate purpose for this ceremony…
By celebrating, they believe that they will be able to liberate themselves from the cycle of birth and death

Ceremony for the Great Mother and Nine Goddesses
Where ?
Tay Ning Holy See , Vietnam
Temple of Acknowledgement = temporarily the Temple of Great Mother
When ?
15th of eighth lunar month
How it came to this..
Cao Quynh Cu, Pham Cong Tac and Cao Hoai Sang talked to many spirits and eventually was given instructions by Cao Dai
 To entertain Great Mother and the Nine Goddesses with a vegetarian dinner

Confronting Nature
Caodaists look at nature and think of the “Big Bang Theory”
They don’t believe that nature has any spiritual meanings in it other than the fact that a female element and a male element created it together
But they do believe in multiple planets which functions like ours

When was it founded ?
Southern Vietnam
Ngo Van Chieu
Key People?
Ngo Van Chieu
Cao Quynh Cu
Pham Cong Tac
Cao Hoai Sang

Confronting Humanity
Humans were created as simple beings with special souls
There is a “ladder”
The top is where the saints, buddhas, and angels are
The middle is where all humankind and sanctified spirits exists
The lower is where the devils and phantoms are found
Human beings are to progress in order to reach the top level of the ladder, and eventually be “good enough” to be able to return to god (also recognized as Nirvana)
Until they are “good enough”, they are stuck in this cycle
PURPOSE IN LIFE: to return to god through meditation
The 3 parts to a human body…

The Physical Body

The anatomy of the human body
Found within the physical body
It’s in gaseous state
It is said to visit “other worlds” while we’re asleep
After life, depending the life we live on earth
If it’s a regretful life, it’ll stay on earth mourning for the physical body
If it’s a happy life, it’ll move on to other worlds
The Second Body

No definition because it’s too special and unexplainable
It is known to be the “holy” part of the human nature, and it’s divineness comes from god
The soul borrows the human body to exist in the physical world, and to work on it’s way to the “top level of the ladder”
The Soul
Confronting God
God is the creator of everything
He is resembled with a left eye in a triangle
Avoids earthly attributes
Referred to as Cao Dai
2 Principles:
“God is Human; Human is God” (Phap = external dharma)
“God unites People” (Bi Phap = internal dharma)
they coexist, one can’t exist without the other

Defined as freedom from rebirth
Also known as the attainment of Nirvana
Salvation can be achieved by…
Finding peace within each individual and harmony in the world
Then you’ll be freed from the cycle of rebirth and be one with Cao Dai

Political and Social Views....
Cao Dai plays a major role in the lives of the Vietnamese because they believe that they can be saved from the struggle of life through Cao Dai
- They think this because Cao Dai is a religion that came in to existence through an individual and it only includes the positives of the neighboring countries' religions.
- They put the cons of their religions together and came up with Cao Dai.
- Government has been providing money to support this religion,
followers of Cao Dai wear white, but those who are in a higher rank wear brighter colored robes
- because the temples are so gorgeously built, they may be used in movie scenes
Thánh Ngôn Hiệp Tuyển
Pháp Chánh Truyền
Cao Dai
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