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No description

Wendy Chung

on 28 July 2018

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Transcript of Chinatown

Old Chinatown
New Chinatown
Recent Research
Laureen Hom
PhD, Urban Planning & Public Policy

Frances Huynh
MPH, Community Public Health

Wendy Chung
MPl/MPA, Urban Planning & Public Policy

1965 +
Getting Involved
Shop local
Volunteer/become a sustaining member at a local org
WAPOW, LASHP Promotorx, CSC, Chinatown Library, API FM, CCED, CACA, CHSSC, etc.
Get informed, participate in public processes
Chinatown Sustainability Dialogue Group
Neighborhood Council, Business Improvement District

July 28, 2018
What is WAPOW?
About Issue 4
Brief overview of history/context
Old Chinatown, New Chinatown, Post-1965, Present, Future
Meet the researchers
Walking Tour

Chinatown Today
313 1/2-319 Marchessault St.
Via Huntington Digital Library
Chinatown Tomorrow?
Today is about...
Sharing knowledge and ideas
Learning from each other
Raising conversations about a changing Chinatown
Celebrating memories
Recognizing what's happening on the ground
What is its future?

San Gabriel Valley
Let's Go!
New Year Parade 1928
Via Los Angeles Times
Reading the news, 1934
Via Huntington Digital Library
"Major changes occurred after the Vietnam War with the influx of migrants from SE Asia—Vietnamese, Chinese, Cambodian. That's when houses started getting torn down and replaced by apartments." - Mary Anne
"I was a worker in J Town in the 60s and 70s. I have been active in Chinatown since the Yellow Brothers. We followed Black Panther ideology to serve the people.... [we] worked with restaurant workers, the poor, and immigrants..." - Mo
Play www.vimeo.com/146819027
Chinese American Citizens Alliance Convention
Garnier Building, 1949
Via Los Angeles Public Library
Immigration Act + Indochina Refugee Crisis
Nineteenth Century
Layers of History
The Zanja Madre (English: "Mother Ditch") is the original aqueduct that brought water to the Pueblo de Los Angeles
China City, 1938-1948
Via Los Angeles Public Library
China City, 1938-1948
Via Los Angeles Public Library
Based on 2014 stats
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