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The Book Thief: Part 8

No description

Leeah Caple

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of The Book Thief: Part 8

Discussion Questions
Why does death use personification in the story? What are the effects of this?
Sit with your Groups
Pictionary Activity
1) Pick a group member to be the artist (will change each round)
2) When group is called, send the artist up to draw the assigned image on the board
3) *The artist is unable to speak* (points will be deducted)
4) Group members will discuss answers while the artist is drawing, only 1 person may shout out the final answer
5)Each round, your team gets 3 guesses to get a point; if they are unable to guess correctly,the first team to raise their hand gets 1 chance to steal the point
1. Who gets drafted into the German army?

m.The Mayor
n.Hans Hubermann
Journal Entry
1.How does physically seeing the book be portrayed affect your original thoughts or predictions of the story?

2.How do the trailer and the book (through part 8) differ? How do they relate?

3. If you were Liesel, would you do anything differently? What would you do the same?
The Book Thief: Part 8
2. What job is Alex Steiner given in the army?

3. What is the name of the book Max writes for Liesel?

The Duden Dictionary
The Shoulder Shrug
The Mud Men
The Word Shaker
4. What does Liesel give Rudy for Christmas in 1942?

h.A book
i.A suit from his father's shop
j.A kiss
k.A Nazi Flag
5. Who does Hans Hubermann go drinking with?

q.The Mayor
r.Frau Diller
s.Alex Steiner
Ex: pg 428: "...the fuzzy silence who followed."

Pg 433: "...filling the city's lungs."
Pgs.445-450: What purpose does Max's book,
The Word Shaker
, serve? What does it emphasize?
What role does breaking rules/laws play in the book (specifically part 8)? Can it ever be justified?
Ex: Pg 453, 482
By Leeah, Jack, Abram, and Harrison
What do cigarettes represent? How do they play a role in everyday lives?
Pg: 419,476,478
Why is imagination an important aspect of the book? How has it helped and affected the characters?
Hans leaves his accordion in Liesel's care. Why? Do you believe he will come back to keep his promise to play it again?
Pg 408: German Empire,
The Things They Carried
Pg 409: Parallel between Rudy+Hitler
Pg 417:
The Things They Carried
Pg 420: Drink alcohol to avoid cold,
The Lone Ranger and Tonto
Pg 423: Max-> Pi's family
Pg 425: Liesel loses someone on train
Pg 432: Vietnam,
The Things They Carried
Pg 435: forgetting-
The Things They Carried
Pg 436/437: homeland-
The Things They Carried
Pg 439: distractions-Lone Ranger, Things They Carried, Pi
Pg 445: Words as weapons:Lenin, Stalin
What is the significance of Rudy stealing from his own father's shop?
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