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Domestic Violence

No description

Naomi Harrison

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of Domestic Violence

Domestic Abuse It hurts so Bad With half her face shot off, it will take several surgeries to reconstruct her facial skull. Terrence Kelly leaves court April 15, 2005, in Waco. He was convicted of shooting Carolyn Thomas in the face and killing her mother in 2003. He is serving a life sentence. Carolyn Thomas reacts as prosecutor Crawford Long displays a .44 Magnum for her to identify during the trial of Terrence Kelly in Waco in April 2005. Terrence used the gun to shoot Thomas in the face. This photo shows Janice Reeves, Carolyn Thomas' mother, who was shot dead by her daughter's boyfriend in 2003. Passing an unidentified shopper at Wal-Mart, Carolyn Thomas heads down the aisles quickly to avoid the stares of those who are unfamiliar with the tragedy of her past. With Stan and Jan to keep her company, Carolyn must constantly remind herself to stay upbeat. "I'm alive for a reason. I don't question God," she says. Carolyn Thomas must feed herself four times a day using a tube attached to her stomach. This is an undated photo of Carolyn Thomas before her face was destroyed in a shooting. Carolyn Thomas, a 34-year-old former track star was shot in the face by an abusive ex-boyfriend who also killed her mother. She wears a mask-like bandage to protect her from infection and the stares of those who are unknowing of her experiences. Besides the jaw, tissue, and bone, Carolyn lost an eye, nose, and upper lip. (VERY GRAPHIC) THE SURGICAL PROCESS Adjusting her trachea tube, Carolyn Thomas cleans it constantly in order to breathe comfortably and to talk. Featuring
Carolyn Thomas Domestic Violence Presentation Youth and Domestic Violence
50% …
A survey of more than 6,000 American families found
that 50% of men who frequently assaulted their wives
also frequently abused their children.
50% …
Slightly more than half of female victims of domestic
violence live in households with children under age 12
10 million …
Studies suggest that as many as 10 million children
witness domestic violence each year.
Where one form of family violence exists,
there is a likelihood the other The Impact Exhibit behavioral and physical health problems
including depression, anxiety, and violence
towards peers
􀂾 Attempt suicide
􀂾 Abuse drugs and alcohol
􀂾 Run away from home
􀂾 Engage in teenage prostitution
􀂾 Commit sexual assault crimes Abuse causes emotional, physical and psychlogical pain on the victims, The more prolonged the abuse the more damage that is done to the victim. Not all can recover from what has happened to them. Pain becomes for them a normal part of life.Sometimes they hurt themselves to release what they feel. Unfortunately, it is the same damaging cycle. Damage on the inside and out
How do they ever trust or know that anything is going to be the same. How do they recover? How do they ever love those that hurt them? Forgiveness is impossible or is it? How do I forgive my sister who locked me in the cupboard naked and tied my arms and legs? She told me that she would kill me if I told anyone? Why did my brother chase her with knives and call her words that were so damaging that she damaged me?
I cry every day for what is lost and can never be.
We are both damaged. We both never had a chance at a normal relationship. I love and hate her at the same time!!! Those who feel the abuse More than twice as likely as non-abused
girls to report smoking, drinking, and using
illegal drugs
Almost three times as likely to engage in
bingeing and purging
Six to nine times as likely to contemplate
suicide How do heal and forget Opportunities to talk about
events and express feelings
􀂄 Opportunities to release
distressing feelings
􀂄 Good information about
abuse How do you recover? Counselling sometimes for many years How do we forgive the unforgiveable To forgive is to rid ourselves of the past We need to forgive to move beyond the impossible We forgive and become Then we become ourselves. No more blame Simply ourselves Healing is an individual journey.You never come to the understanding that what has happened to you is right.You move through the pain and try be at peace with yourself and the past. Don't let it define you as you have survived. How do heal and forget Journal about it and how the act of forgiveness can restore your own sense of self.
• Honor all of the feelings that naturally occurred because of the betrayal.
• Go slow. Don’t speed through forgiveness. If you forgive prematurely, you bury the feelings and are more likely to be at risk for further pain.
• Acknowledge that you are a different person now and focus on how much stronger and wiser you have become. Journal once the healing is complete we are on the right road
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