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Present simple and continuous

present continuous and simple

Kelly Paola Pena Rodriguez

on 18 March 2011

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Transcript of Present simple and continuous

Welcome to English Class
with Kelly So? Present Simple and Present Continuous When Do We Use Them? Present Continuous

Things happening now.

Action is not complete.

Temporary Situation Present Simple

Things in general


Things that happen repeatedly

Permanent situation Write One Remember "am, are, is and ...ing"! ... Good Luck! Present Continuous and Present Simple How Do We Use Them? Things in general.


Things that happen repeatedly The students speak English well.

Water boils at 100 degrees.

I ride my bike on Saturdays. Permanent Situations My sisters live in the United States.
Present Simple past now future I do No "...ing"! Present Continuous Things happening now.

Action is not complete I am doing past now future The water is boiling now.

It is raining.

We are learning to speak English. Temporary Situations I am playing poker while I rest.

You are studying hard today . Remember "am, are, is and ...ing"! hello
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