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Early Childhood Education Professional portfolio

No description

katie hall

on 9 May 2017

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Transcript of Early Childhood Education Professional portfolio

Early Childhood Education Professional Portfolio
Personal statement

My interest in Early Childhood Education started,when my nieces and nephews were born,interacting with them and watching them learn and grow ,experience new things and and exploring new things.I became intrigued at how quick they were able to grasp new ideas.It was interesting to listen to them talk about the world and what they were learning.

I want to learn more about children not just how they learn and grow, but how they develop and different stages they go through.I decided to enroll in the Early Childhood Education program at Algonquin College Perth. Some of the courses I am taking are Child Development ,fostering creativity and foundations of Early Childhood Education , these courses enhance my knowledge of ECE and give me the tools I well need to become a knowledgeable ECE.

My long term goals are to get a job with the school board. I would like to work in a kindergarten class. After working as a Early Childhood Educator , i would like to further my education and become a certified teacher.

Team work skill is an important skill to have when being an Early childhood Educator as you have to work as a team with your co-workers to share important information and to plan a curriculum together to meet the needs of all children. When planning a curriculum it is important to collaborate with co-workers and to brainstorm curriculum ideas to asses the developmental level of each child.
Table of contents
Personal Statement
Team work skill
Letter to represent team work
Leadership skill
Letter to represent leadership skill
Creativity skill
Photos to represent creativity skill
Cultural sensitivity and Anti bias
Photos to represent the cultural sensitivity and Anti Bias skill
Code of ethics , standards of practice
High school diploma
Cover letter

I believe as an Early Childhood Educator that every child has the right to learn in a way that suits their needs and lets them be independent. The curriculum needs to be developmentally appropriate for each child based off of the observation on the children.

My role as an Early Childhood Education is to help the children learn in ways that best suit them and ways that they can still have fun and learn at the same time. I strongly believe that play is a very important aspect of children's everyday life.I want to have a classroom that the children are happy to come to everyday and that makes the children feel safe , comfortable and free to express themselves

I want to reflect the cultural diversity in the families and the community the center is in. I want the families to feel welcome in my classroom. It should be a place they feel they can safely share information .Attachment is very important to enhance the proper growth and development.All the children in my care will feel safe,valued , capable and competent , they will be free to explore and express themselves in a environment that meets all their needs and they feel comfortable in.
Team work Skills

Team work skills


Kaitlyn Hall
Leadership skill is an important skill to have when being an Early Childhood Educator as you have to be a good role model and leader to the children as they look up to you , for direction and to help the children grow confidence in themselves . The way I demonstrate leadership is being able to give and receive feedback, encouraging others and supporting them and not being afraid to step up and be a leader.
Leadership skills



Cultural Sensitivity and Anti Bias

Cultural Sensitivity and Anti Bias

It is important to have this skill as there is going to be many times that I am going to have different students from different cultures in my class , it is important that they all feel like they belong . I want all the students in my class to learn about the different cultures and in order to teach them about the cultures I have to be unbiased myself.I believe to teach the children well and be a good example to them as they copy and listen to everything we say we can not have any biases are self.
"Creativity the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work".Creativity is an important skill to have when being a Early Childhood Educator as you have to be creative in lesson planning , teaching the children , when preparing a classroom for the children .You well have to be creative when trying to make the classroom and the curriculum to be individualize for a certain child. I believe that you have to be creative and show creativity as the children well be more creative in an environment that supports them.
High School Diploma

Codes of Ethics and Standards of practice

Responsibility to children
Responsibility to families
Responsibility to colleges and profession
Responsibility to community and society
standard 1 - Caring and nurturing relationships that support learning
Standard II Developmentally appropriate care and education
Standard III Safe, healthy and supportive learning Environments
Standard IV : Professional knowledge and Competence
Standard V: Professional boundaries ,Dual Relationships and conflicts of interests
Standard VI: Confidentiality and consent to the release of information regarding children and their families
Responsibility to Children

I have demonstrated the code responsibility to the children by being aware of each child's medical information and have taken time to go over it in case of emergency so i will know how to handle the situation. For example a child in the class has seizures often, I observed how my on site handled that child and when it came time that I need to assist him, i was prepared as i had observed. I have also demonstrated this by asking about the fire and emergency plans , as it is my responsibility to the children to know/ protect them in case of emergencies.
Responsibility to Families
I have demonstrated responsibilities to families by building and maintaining a relationship with them. It is your responsibility as a ECE to have open communication with the families.
I have done this by writing notes in the child's agenda to say thank you to the parent for allowing me to use a picture of their child for my portfolio.As an ECE we know how important the family is when it comes their child's education and learning.If we don't have open communication , it hinders the child's chance of striving and learning.
Responsibility to Children
This is a picture of a child's medical information
Responsibilities to Colleagues and the Profession

It is important as an ECE that we are always striving to become more knowledgeable and to keep are knowledge up to date. It is important to attend workshops to learn new information and to get other perspective and ideas on the information.I have demonstrated this by attending a few different workshops , one being the pedagogical documentation workshop. I have also demonstrated this by following through with my commitments to others in the profession such as my on site and always demonstrating my roles and responsibility
Responsibility to Colleagues and profession

Above is a picture of the button activity from the pedagogical documentation workshop
Responsibility to community and Society
As an ECE it is our role/ responsibility to incorporate the community and society into the classroom.
This is demonstrated by sending out community news letters to the parents to inform them of what is going on in the school and outer community.
This has also been demonstrated as I changed the dramatic play center into a fire station to teach the children about the different community helpers. We then went on a field trip to the fire station, so the children had the experience of seeing different things in the community first hand.
Responsibility to Community and Society

Standard I :Caring and nurturing relationships that support leaning

I have demonstrated this by developing relationships with each child individually, this makes the child feel apart of the class like they are special and important.It is important that as a ECE we strive to make relationships with the children. If the child do not feel like they have a relationship with you in the class this will make it hard for them to learn.It is important to make a child feel like they have someone to go to when they are injured or sad.Attachment affects the way the brain develops.
Standard I: Caring and Nurturing Relationships that Support Learning
This is me showing empathy to a child after they got hurt.
Standard II: Developmentally Appropriate Care and Education
I have demonstrated this by doing observations on the children to educate myself on, where each child is developmentally. This way I can provide the right care and support to the children during group and individual activities and materials that are at the right developmental level for the children .I have brought in many different resources for the children , I made accommodations to the activities so they would benefit all children .
Standard II: Developmentally Appropriate Care and Education
These are pictures of resources I brought in
Standard III: Safe , Healthy and supportive Learning Environments

It is our job as ECE's to provide a safe and supportive environment for the children. I have demonstrated this by supervising the children while they are on the playground and placing my self in maximum view of the yard. I have also demonstrated this this when we went on a walk to the fire station, for a field trip.I ensured that the children were safe by standing in the middle of the road when we crossed the streets and holding the children's hands as we walked there. I also made sure the children were healthy and safe by providing materials that are developmentally appropriate , for their age and explained the materials so the children new how to use them properly.
Responsibility to Families
This is a picture of a note I sent home to a child's parent
Standard III: Safe , Healthy and supportive Learning Environments
Above is a photo of me holding a child's hand as we walk to the fire station.
Standard IV: Professional Knowledge and Competence

I have demonstrated this going to workshops to keep up on my knowledge and to become more educated , also by being aware of the ECE polices and procedures and by abiding by them at all times and in all environments.I have also demonstrated this by having knowledge of professionalism, for example by being aware that my social life and work life are separate and and I should not discuss work outside of the center as this will not be following professional knowledge of an ECE.
Above is a photo from a workshop I attended
Standard IV: Professional Knowledge and Competence
Standard V:Professional Boundaries ,Dual Relationships and Conflict of Interests
I have demonstrated this by being aware that it is important to maintain professional boundaries between my work/placement and my social life.I have also demonstrated this by being aware that whatever happens or any information I hear , I don't share with others outside the school. I have demonstrated this by being aware of how important it is that you do not add the children parents on Facebook as this crosses the professional boundaries that we must follow as an ECE.
Standard VI: Confidentiality and Consent to the Release of Information Regarding Children and their Families

I have demonstrated this by being aware that I have to keep the children's information that I obtain and hear confidential. I have demonstrated this by not sharing information outside of the center or to others in the school that do not need to know the information or to other parents. I know how important confidentiality is , as once you share the information with one person it is quick to spread and we never know what the situation is and how you sharing it could effect the child .There is many things we never think of when obtaining new information and sharing it.Sharing the information could put the child and their family in danger , whether it is from others in the community or the child's own guardian.
Cover Letter
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