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How to Land a School Counseling Job

All Ohio Counselors Conference 2011

Shawn Grime

on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of How to Land a School Counseling Job

So you want to be a
school counselor?

Know the Market
Employment for school counselors expected to grow by 10% in Ohio and 19% nationally by 2010
While growth is expected due to increasing population and need for counseling services, it is limited by school budgets where school counselors are among the first to be cut and absorbed through attrition.
Be open to relocating
Make sure you research license requirements for other states
Know Your Competition
Look to your left
Look to your right
Competing against people who...
have more experience
are cheaper to hire
are returning to the profession
have inside connections
already work in the system
work outside the teaching profession (i.e. social workers, LPC's)
are still in grad school
are retired
Know Where to Look
Statewide Databases
School Websites
Professional Association
Networking Sites
ASCA Scene
OSCA Network
Network, Network, Network
Job Fairs
Counselor Meetings
Family Reunions
Coffee Shops
Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime
Know How to
Market Yourself
How will you stand out amongst the crowd?
Master the Resume
Tailor your objective to the specific job
Make it organized, grammatically correct and professional
Focus should be on job-related experiences and skills
The jury is still out on cover letters
Personally recommend including a Philosophy of Education/School Counseling Statement with resume
Personal Website
Be sure to add links or QR codes to your paper resume to link the two pieces
Reality Check
Some in education still debating whether those without a teaching license should be school counselors and there are some you will overlook those without teaching from the get go. Don't get frustrated because not everyone is like that.
To teach...
Just because you are a teacher does not make you a better school counselor
Emphasize how your teaching experience has related to your counseling abilities
Highlight your strengths in the non-teaching areas of school counseling like group counseling and consultation
... or not to teach
Know that a teaching background does not always make for a better school counselor
Highlight the strengths your alternate background brings to your work as a school counselor
Find opportunities to strengthen your skills and understanding in teaching
Substitute Teaching
Religious Education
After School Programs
Summer Camps
Community Programs
Know How to Impress
In Other Words How to Have a Killer Interview
Interview 101
Be prepared for a variety of interview formats (solo, group, team, phone, video conference)
Know your audience
Prepare and practice
Second and third interviews are very different
Personality and genuinness is KEY!
Be prepared to share at least 3 strengths and weaknesses
Use specific examples of how you work with students, staff and parents
Research the school, community and its needs by reviewing state report cards, school and community websites, local paper, etc.
Know education reform and how you as the school counselor relate
Sort your feelings out ahead of time about coaching and supplemental positions
Visit the ASCA website under the Administrators tab for a list of potential interview questions
Shawn Grime

Pay attention to neighboring districts to those with openings. School counselors working in what some would call less desirable situations are often hired at new schools, thus leaving openings at their old schools. Pay attention to the ripple effect.
Recall that Ohio anticipates 263 annual openings but Ohio colleges are easily graduating more than that annually. In other words, the market is flooded.
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