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Sonic Marketing Presentation

Final Presentation - Marketing Management

Nneka Odum

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Sonic Marketing Presentation

Level 1 Level 2 Start Team Sonic Agenda Level 3
Marketing Strategy Evolution
R&D Allocation
Marketing Plan Analysis
Recommendations Nneka Odum
Solomon Hawalsi
Chris Favot
Matt Hitt
Jonathan Walker P2 P1 P3 Over advertised + allocated too many sales people for
products/markets Took "Trial and Error" method to an extreme... Overproduced Spent entire budget. Increased Channel Coverage Cut Advertising Started 1 R&D Project Adjusted production Cut costs produced a high ROI Decreased production
to sell off unwanted inventory... Decreased sales force Wanted to enter into Vodite market early...

Took out a $7.4 million loan. Increased advertising expenditure to become competitive Decreased channel coverage P4 P5 Sonic's Budget. Vodite Market +1 R&D Project Exit
Market Focus Shoppers & Savers Modified Soft Created new R&D Stock out Doubled advertising to match competitor spending Modified both products with
R&D platforms Doubled commercial team expenditure P6 Aggressive move
towards target
segments P8 Changed production to meet expected demand Increased commercial team expenditure Increased advertising expenditure P7 Allocated remaining resources towards advertising & commercial team Overproduction for product targeted towards Shopper's segment Product tailored to Saver's segment met the forecasted growth in demand Marketing Strategy Evolution No Real Strategy Focus Grow 1 2 6 3 4 Entry Grow Divest/
Invest to Protect 5 7 8 Grow Grow 76% Advertising 18% Commercial 6% Studies 42% Commercial 13% Studies 40% Advertising 5% R&D P1 P2 22% Commercial 7% Studies 53% Advertising 18% R&D P3 No strategy Focus Entry P4 P5 P6 Grow Divest
Invest to Protect Grow Advertising: 45%
Commercial: 26%
R&D: 22%
Studies: 7% Advertising: 29%
Commercial: 28%
R&D: 29%
Studies: 5% Advertising: 50%
Commercial: 44%
R&D: 0%
Studies: 6% P7 P8 Grow Grow Advertising: 45%
Commercial: 49%
R&D: 0%
Studies: 6% Advertising: 51%
Commercial: 49%
R&D: 0%
Studies: 0% R&D Allocation R&D Continued... Marketing Gap Analysis Overall Marketing Plan Gap Variance Mareting Research Consumer Survey's Market Forecast Semantic Scales Performance Assessment Challenges Successes Utlizing market research
Protecting market share
Launching new products
Taking strategic risks
Matching competitor spending
Underproduction in later periods
Overproduction in early periods Able to gain back lost sales in desirable markets
Finished strong
Gained + Increased revenues in final 2 periods
Increased market share in final 2 periods
Increased net contribution in final 2 periods Recommendations Carefully read the Participant Handbook

Fully utilize Marketing Research

Capitalize on strengths early

Take strategic risks (not blind)

Never overlook the competition Performance Assessments Next periods budget Net contribution Market Reasearch -Consumer Survey's Marketing Gap Analysis Saver's Variance Chris/Matt - R & D Graph
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