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Hitcock and the French New Wave

No description

Franzi Florack

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Hitcock and the French New Wave

* Evident vision legacy in American Cinema (f.e. Bonny and Clyde, 1967)
* New Hollywood (1980s) style
* Tarantino named his production company after one of Godard's films and dedicated Reservoir Dogs to him
* Disruption narrative and style over substance can be seen in many of Wes Anderson's films
* What do you already know about Hitchcock?
* How many of his films can you name?
Life and Work
French New Wave
* Part of the European cinema Art House wave
* Founded and supported by the writers of Cahiers de Cinema
* Most notably Francois Truffaut and Andre Bazin
* Introduction of auteur theory
* First big films: The 400 blows (Truffaut, 1959) and Breathless (Godard, 1960)
* Young, Parisian audience
* Auteur-cinema was founded on individuals like Hitchcock
* Hitchcock was famous for two things: The Wong Man (documentary) and love for locations (The Birds, Vertigo, ...)
* 'Bourgeois' look at life
* His work up to 'Marnie' was celebrated
* Truffaut particularly adored Hitchcock and examined all of his films
* Series of 1960's interviews of Hitchcock by Truffaut
* Film as artistic expression (like a novel or a painting)
* Abstract/ surrealistic ideas
* Concentration in fashion, urban professional life, and all-night parties
* Rebellion against old French 'cinema of quality'
* Critique of narrative flow
* Celebration of famous directors and distinctive styles
* Tight budgets meant on-location shots and natural lighting
* Improvised dialogue
* Breaking of the fourth wall
* Style over substance?
Rear Window (1954)
Breathless (1960)
Hitchcock and the French New Wave
* 1899- 1980
* Grew up under a harsh father but then was not drafted in for the 1. World War
* First worked as title designer for Paramount Pictures
* Started in England and then moved to Hollywood in 1939
* Became famous for framing pov shots to create anxiety, fear and empathy
* Films often included 'icy blonds' and twist endings
* Made 53 films in his career
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