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Come 2 Virginia

No description

Laura Flanagan

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of Come 2 Virginia

Come 2 Virginia
Virginia's Religion
Peanut Farm
Virginia grows tobacco, tomatoes, and peanuts.
Virginia's religion is Anglican.
Founded in 1607 by the London Company during the reign of James.
Where is Virginia
Virginia is located below Maryland and above North Carolina.
What makes Virginia Unique
In Virginia, seven presidents were buried; Washington, Jefferson, Tyler, and Kennedy.
Why on Earth would you come to Virginia
Here is the reason you should come; did you listen to this prezi? did you guys here those awesome facts?
This is the end
hope you enjoyed it.
By: Olivia Yellen edited by Ravi Vasan
Fun fact
King James was born in 1567 in Scotland.
Virginia is a Southern colony.
Climate: Hot humid summers but mild winters
Region: Southern
Interesting fact
Virginia has grown to more modern I have an exclusive video about the pentagon on history.com.

Virginia has been modified since the thirteen colonies.
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