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No description

Vince Chiarelli

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of Innovation

Innovation What is Innovation? XYZ Phone Inc. is requesting that you come up with 3 new innovations for our cellphone release. Exercise Who do you think of as being an innovator?

Innovation is not just invention. Beyond products, it is process, design and idea. Where it comes from? a.Internal
i.Unexpected Occurrences
iii.Process Needs
iv.Industry and Market Changes
i.Demographic Changes
ii.Changes in Perception
iii.New Knowledge Encouraging Innovation a.Reasons
i.Financial Growth
ii.Personnel Growth
b.Potential Issues
i.What if they fail?
ii.Risk of employee becoming competition Managing Innovation a.Risks/Costs Associated
b.Creating a Culture
c.Removing Roadblocks and Limits XYZ Phone Inc. is requesting that you come up with 3 new innovations for our cellphone release in accordance with customer concerns below. Please adhere to specified budget and time limits. 1. Battery Life
2. Increased Service Coverage
3. Earth-friendly (Green) production or component 1.Weapons
2.Mathematics & the number zero
5.Free markets & capital markets
6.Domesticated animals & agriculture
7.Property ownership
8.Limited liability
9.Participatory democracy
10.Anesthetics and surgery
11.Vaccines and antibiotics
13.The Internet
14.Genetic sequencing
15.Containerized shipping
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