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Solarize Connecticut

A Community Approach

Chandler Clay

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Solarize Connecticut

SmartPower's Research
say they want it
actually buy it
Brian F. Keane
President, SmartPower
Who We Are:

About SmartPower
The SmartPower
What we learned:
Brian F. Keane
President, SmartPower

Thank You!
Reliability: “I don’t think it actually works!”
Availability: “I don’t know where to buy it.”
Cost: “Buying into the ‘lifestyle’ is too expensive!”
Inertia: “It’s easier to do nothing.”
ommunity outreach
nline platforms/social marketing
ewards & Incentives
We implement community-based campaigns that get regular people to buy clean energy and be energy efficient.
The Central Challenge
The Challenge from
Arizona Public Service (APS)
Establish a non-biased source of information for residents and small business to help APS’s customers make smart energy choices.
Get customers to adopt energy efficiency measures and renewable energy installations, participate in residential demand response programs, and engage in understanding how electric vehicles may impact the electric grid.
Become an independent, reputable and knowledgeable voice in the public dialogue about energy issues.
What Energy consumers want.
An engaging social/community setting
Straightforward information about personal benefits, communicated plainly and directly – from an independent third party.
Messages about actions and empowerment. No preaching! And no industry jargon!
Control over their own energy use decisions, without feeling alone
Information on how they’re doing in relation to their peers and neighbors
We make lasting changes with how people live, work and relate to energy in their lives.
... to offer our clients fresh perspectives and breakthrough programs, tailored for each business or agency's measurable objectives
Our highly customized teams bring a combination of deep industry knowledge, hands-on practical implementation experience and expert perspectives on the challenges at stake
SmartPower helps clients set new standards of excellence as leaders in energy efficiency and renewable energy
Solarize Connecticut
The Same Challenge
Use community based outreach, direct homeowner support, contractor evaluations, building science education, energy advisers and deep connections with local groups to make residential energy efficiency upgrades simple, trustworthy and accessible to area homeowners.
Expand Energize NY from Northern Westchester to all seven counties of the Mid-Hudson Region by extending the community based model of direct homeowner support and leveraged local leadership.
Trusted Source #1
The Goal:
5 percent of owner occupied homes install solar by 2015
a non-biased knowledgeable advisor to help customers address their concerns about not knowing who to trust or where to get accurate information.
Solar Coach Corner
"Ask the #SolarCoach"
Twitter Chat
50 percent of solar homeowners said they would take action to help others in their community install solar
Solar Up Yuma
Used iPad to tweet
live updates using the
promoted hashtag
Used camera phone
to take pictures and
post to Facebook &
Interacted with
press before & after
the event
Solar Coffees
Communities that achieve the 5 percent goal receive a sign proclaiming each town an
"Arizona Solar Community"
6 of the 14 communities have exceeded the 5% goal.
More than 250 active Solar Ambassadors promote solar in their communities. In 2011 alone, the Solar Ambassadors reached out to more than 11,000 people to talk solar.
The Solar Coach has assisted more than 1,000 customers, with more than 90 percent responding they would recommend the coach's services to their family and friends.
Cracking The Code On Residential Solar Power
Solarize: A Community Approach For Solar
Achieve state, federal and internal clean energy and energy efficiency goals while building customer loyalty and appreciation
on Americans' purchasing habits with regards to clean energy and energy efficiency
To reach people where they gather...
...and help them understand and reduce their energy use
The Energy Coach
Trusted Source #2
Municipal Leaders
"Lead By Example"
Since launching in late 2010, Energize NY has helped to increase Home Performance with ENERGY STAR upgrades by 130% across northern Westchester and more than 324% in Energize launched communities.
This success has generated $2,169,024 in economic activity, creating 15 new jobs and reducing annual residential energy costs by more than $182,000.
Working with the US Department of Energy and The Connecticut Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority we seek to encourage the adoption of residential solar photovoltaic systems by deploying a coordinated "group buy" program combined with a tiered pricing structure that provides increased savings to homeowners as more people in each community go solar.
Drive up town engagement to reach next level of tiered pricing options offered by local installers
Each community more than doubled solar installations in 16 weeks
Over 2.2 MW of Solar installed -- almost triple the amount of solar installed in the previous 8 years
Dramatic price reductions for the consumer -- close to $10,000 savings per system.
...a non-profit organization that creates community campaigns for solar power and energy efficiency by engaging local partners from the municipal, business, private and non-profit sectors to promote measurable energy actions

All installers achieved higher than expected results; Solarize provides more “prestige.”
“Lower monthly utility bills” and “discounts through Solarize” are the major motivators to purchase.
Even if their homes qualify, “high out of pocket costs” continue to be barrier for Prospects.
Prospects more interested in their carbon footprint than customers.
Does not include Durham

Solarize 1-2-3:
1.RFP the Communities
2.RFP the Installers
3.Work Locally to Market The 16-week campaign
The Four Barriers

Reliability: Does It Really Work?

Availability: Where Do I Buy It?

Cost: Too Much Money...

Inertia: Do I Need It?
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