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holocaust survivor

No description

brianna burch

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of holocaust survivor

A holocaust survivor Joseph Goebbels REMEMBRANCE" Joseph Goebbels was one of Hitlers closest allies. He began his blame on Jews when he was a young man looking to publish his writing and everyone denied him. He blamed the Jews because they owned the publishing companies. He then joined the National Socialist German Workers Party where he met Adolf Hitler. They became close friends, when Hitler became chancellor he made Goebbels Minister for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. During the Second World War Goebbels played an important role in building up hatred for the allies. He was the one to convince Hitler to invade the Soviet Union and to do a terror bombing one Great Britain. When the Red Army made advances into Nazi Germany, Hitler invited Goebbels and his family to move into his Fuehrerbunker. On 1st May, 1945, Joseph Goebbels, his wife and six children, committed suicide. Surviving Joined NSADP in 1926 In 1928 Goebbels, Hermann Goering and ten other members of the Nazi Party were elected to the Reichstag. Czechoslovakia, had been annihilated in March of 1939 On 1st May, 1945, Joseph Goebbels, his wife and six children, committed suicide 1941 Geobbels convinces Hitler to bomb Britian Joseph Geobbels born October 29th 1897 By Brianna Burch In July of 1943, Alice, her husband, and their 16 year old son were sent to Theresienstadt concentration camp. She was forced to play over 100 concerts at the camp along with other musicians. Her husband Leopold was then sent to Auschwitz, though he survived in the camp, he later died at Dachau in 1944. After the liberation in 1945, Alice and her son Raphael went back to Prague. In March 1949 emigrated to Israel to be reunited with her family. They lived in Israel while Alice taught in Jerusalem. They then moved to London where Raphael became a accomplished cellist and conductor. He than died in 2001 leaving behind his wife and two sons. By Tawnysha Lynch Alice Herz Sommer Alice Herz was born in Prague, Austria-Hungary, along with her twin sister Mariana. her father, Friedrich Herz, was a merchant and her mother, Sofie Herz, was highly educated and moved in circles of well-known writers. Alice lived with her parents, older sister, Irma, and her twin sister. Irma had taught how to play piano, which she studied in a careful steady way. She had also studied in the Prague German Conservatory of Music. This place trains professional musical and theatrical artists. Alice was playing in concerts and making a name for herself before the Germans invaded. She had married a business man/amateur musician Leopold Sommer in 1931. They had a son together named Raphael. After the invasion of Czechoslovakia, most of her family and friends emigrated to Palestine, Romania. Alice stayed back to take care of her sick mother, Sofie was first to be sent to Theresienstadt concentration camp. Here I stand in the midst of Auschwitz
My mind racing with memories.
Silent people walk
Where living skeletons worked.

There is a silence,
But I hear the cries of my people.
A slight breeze passes,
But I feel the beating of a whip.

My hands sift through what seems like ashes
And I glimpse a sea of bodies aflame.
There is an open field,
But I see innocent people beaten.

A lone building stands in the distance,
But I see a place of death.
A place where terrible things took place
Horrors not even known to man.

With wistful eyes, I observe this place
Seeing things of the past
This place being as I left it
With an echo of remembrance. Alice & Mariana born November 26, 1903 Married Leopold Sommers in 1931 July, 1943 Alice, Leopold, and their 16 year old son Raphael were sent to Theresienstadt concentration camp 1944 Leopold Sommers died 1945, Soviet liberation of Theresienstadt 1949, Alice and Raphael move to Israel 1986, they move to London 2001, Raphael dies Eile Wiesel and Alice Herz-Sommers did not exactly go through the same. Eile went to Auschwitz while Alice went to Theresienstadt concentration camp. Alice was already married and had a child when she was forced to leave, Eile was only about 13. Eile Wiesel was the only survivor of his family while Alice had her son and some of her family living in Israel. What really helped Alice stay confident and sure that she'll survive was her music. To her music was everything, her whole life basically. EIlie stayed alive to take care of his father. There were so many things different about them, there was very few things the same. Eilie and Alice were both jewish. They also are both still alive. Compare & Contrast “I felt that this is the only thing which helps me to have hope... a sort of religion, actually. Music is God.” “When you are optimistic, when you are not complaining, when you look at the good side of your life, everybody loves you.” Alice Herz-Sommers 1903- Alice Herz-Sommer is the oldest known holocaust survivor Shes turning 107 years old this year! Thats amazing! Thank you for listening! “Only when we are so old, only, are we aware of the beauty of life.”
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