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Culture of the 90's in America

No description

Nico Sanseviero

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of Culture of the 90's in America

Language-Slang Norms Taboos/Morals Symbols Fashion Music/Theater/Movies Social Culture Collage America In The 90's Art/Architeture Values Subcultures/Counterculture Folkways Customs Major Events/Laws Inventions Describe People All that and a bag of chips Slammin' Bling Bling Bounce Crunk Fart-Knocker Hoochie Po-Po Mofo Punani Jack you up Short hair Punk Look Titanic Star Wars Episode 1 Jurassic Park Independence Day The Lion King Forrest Gump The Sixth Sense The Lost World:Jurassic Park Men In Black Armageddon Good Cartoons Gangsta Rap Domesticated Living Sitcom's Sex Talk Incest Murder Rapid Moral Decline Money Ruled Homosexualality Wasent As Open Will Smith Wearing Zumbas The Spice Girls Pokemon Goosebumps Stuffed Crust Monica Lewinsky Ripped Clothes Sagged Pants Tattoos Body Piercings Anti Conformist Causal Chic Look Grunge Modern Preppy Leggings Punning Parody Plagiarism US Bank Tower Bank of America Plaza AT&T Building Structural Expressionism Earthship Architecture Authentic Self Realistic View of Life Self-Help Groups Politics Gender Roles Religion Family Norms Sexual Norms Russian Counterculture Violent Movie Production Grunge Indie Rock Woodstock 99 Hipsterism Zima Pizza Places Dressed How They Felt A lot of Folkways Weren't Followed Rap and Punk Music Baseball Beginning Electronic Age Grunge Age Hipster Age Punk Age Sitcom Age Soviet Union Collapses Columbine Shooting Cloned Sheep Clinton Admission Civil Rights Act of 1991 Protection Act of 1990 Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 World Wide Web Smart Pill Web TV Viagra Gas Powered Fuel Cell Java DVD HIV Protease HTML Pentium Processor Digital Answering Machine A time of diversity where a lot more people where willing to be themselves and be out there. Chad Nico I see it as a time era where people wanted to change and divert away from normal society. It was time for a new generation by that time and they formed it the way they wanted. Berna People where transcending to new technology and starting to introduce themselves to the more modernized world
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