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Social Networking

No description

Roksana Wisniewska

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Social Networking

Facebook! What is Facebook? Is a Social site. This means a site where you can interact with other people and communicate with friends. The purpose is entertainment and FUN!

Predators! Dont give away your personal information.
Dont talk to strangers.
Dont cyber bully.
stay safe by setting your page to private.
Dont post indentity reavealing pictures. Features on Facebook. Farmville. Fish aquarium. Sorority Life. Instant messageing. Fishville Wall Rules History of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg Founded by a former Harvard student In August 2005, Facebook was
officially called Facebook and
was purchased for $200,000. Predators take the
information you post
online and use it to figure
out where you live. 17-year-old Ashleigh Hall was murdered by a 32-year-old sex predator that she met on Facebook. He pretended to be only 16. Christina Long, a thirteen year old
from Connecticut was murdered by an
online predator that lied to her about
his age.
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