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My digital learning environment

No description

Luke Speight

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of My digital learning environment

Digital Learning Environment Search engine Sources from both UK and worldwide Gateway to all websites Online library Google books can be
used to cite information from a text. It give you access to books that may be unavailable in the library Allows you to gain a
basic understanding on a subject Always upto date
as it is constantly being
added to by peers watch videos explaining
topics covered in lectures listen to science podcasts listen to music to relieve stress
whilst working Group discussions on topics post videos for your peers to watch Talk to peers on chat Google is the most predominantly used
search engine in the world. It has a number of
different areas you can search, including: web,
images, maps and books. The portal is an online environment
which contains everything from email
library services to the VLE. VLE The Virtual Learning Environment is an online database which contains all of our lecture slides from each module, along with revision material and practice MCQ's. Email Email is used to communicate with both
lecturers and peers as well as used by the
university to keep students updated on goings on. An online library service is available through the
portal which enables students to search for
books and journals online as well as having
tutorials on how to use programs such as end
note. Facebook is the most widely used social networking site
in which you can join groups, post and browse photos and videos
and chat to friends. tag photos
iTunes is a program connected to the internet in
which the user can build music and video libraries
and can download podcasts, audiobooks, movies
and songs. Youtube is the largest video sharing website online and can be used to learn more about a particular disease or treatment for example: cystic fibrosis. upload videos comment and rate videos Wikipedia is a website which contains information on pretty much everything! It is useful for understanding the basics of a topic however can be used as a serious source as anyone can add to it so there is an issue with the validity of some of sources.
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