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Code Talker

No description

Spencer Malkin

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Code Talker

The main conflict of the book is that the white men at boarding school think that the Navajo language was useless. Ned had to forget about Navajo, and learn English. Later on, the white men changed their opinion on the Navajo. They later developed a secret code to help win the war.

This would be an internal and external conflict
Ned Begay starts off the book as Kii Yazhi, an innocent indian boy. Soon after, his whole identity is taken away. He has a new name, a new life, a new language, and he is forbidden to go back. He's stripped of his whole identity until one day where the world grew a new perspective on the Navajos.
Cultural Pride
Throughout this whole book, Ned Begay is told that who he is, is not good enough. Only the white people are perfect, everyone else is stupid. Yet, through all of this he still kept his pride in his culture. Even though the whites told Ned that Navajo was a terrible language, he still took pride in his people and spoke Navajo along with the others who held their pride. Along with the Navajos, the Japanese took pride in where they're from. They would rather die than surrender.
San Diego
Pearl Harbor
Iwo Jima
Navajo Code Talkers
By Jeanna, Kyle, Spencer and Chris

Main Characters
Ned Begay had the courage to join the marines. Even though he wasn't old enough, he still wanted to fight for his people. The Japanese people also put forward many acts of courage. When their leader was shot, they didn't back down and just accept it. They went to the camp and put their lives on the line.
Pearl Harbor
December 7, 1941


December 11, 1941 -
Germany and Japan declare war on
the United States; then the United
States declares war on Germany and Japan


May 27, 1941 - The Bismarck is sunk
August 2, 1942 - Guadalcanal Campaign begins
February 19, 1945 - Battle of Iwo Jima begins
February 19, 1942- Roosevelt issues Executive Order 9066, which allows the internment of Japanese Americans
April 1, 1945 - Battle of Okinawa
- Kii Yazhi (Ned Begay)
-Tommy Nez
-Alex Williams
-Georgia Boy
San Diego
Iwo Jima
Ned always had a
a blessing on his shoulder. He knew his parents were praying for him and the holy people would protect him. Ned had also kept a bag of pollen for a reminder of that too. Towards the end of the book, Ned and some of his friends were hoping that the war was ending soon!

San Diego
In the beginning of the story, Ned Begay starts as a innocent indian boy going to an indian school to get taught the ways of the white people.
Ned Begay has now become a Code Talker. His training to become a Marine has begun. He has learned to adapt to the general "white ways."
Many of Ned's friends have died at Saipan. It was one of the bloodiest battles in Marine history. He has learned how important what they are doing is. He realized how lucky he was whenand how glad he was that it wasn't him going into battle at Saipan.


Navajo code talkers
Code School
Medal of honor
Atomic bomb
Iwo Jima
"Iwo Jima was the key." (Bruchac, pg. 196)
Iwo Jima really was the key. It led to many lost soldiers. This was really heartbreaking for Ned as one of his best friends, Georgia Boy, is shot in the neck by a Japanese soldier. He doesn't get any news about him. He doesn't know if he's dead or not. Clueless!
After pulverizing the beach on Guam and wiping out all of the Japanese planes, Ned learned about the Japanese being cruel to the Chamorros. Even though the Japanese were being cruel to the Chamorros on Guam, Ned realized that you have to see the other people as just regular human beings.
Okinawa was a bloody battle. They lost a lot of men, but this was it. We had one. From the beggining of the story to now, Ned has grown a lot phisically and mentally. He has adapted to war. Before, he had never even shot a gun. He has changed. Not in all good ways, but he has changed.
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