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Largemouth Bass Fishing

Briggs Baltzell

Briggs Baltzell

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of Largemouth Bass Fishing

Largemouth Bass Fishing in the Springtime By Briggs Baltzell Pre-spawn Bass 8-15 feet deep
Waiting for water to warm up
Crankbaits, Texas rigs, Carolina rigs, jigs Spawn Bass in shallows protecting young
Starts when water temp reaches about 60 degrees Fahrenheit
Best time for catching bass
Jerkbaits, plastic worms, spinnerbaits, shallow and lipless crankbaits Post-Spawn Conditions largely the same as prespawn
Same lures work
Bass in same locations Late Spring In shallows early morning
Deeper during daytime
Spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, lipless crankbaits Crankbait Shallow Crankbait Lipless Crankbait Jerkbait Texas Rig Carolina Rig Jig Plastic Worm Spinnerbait Buzzbait Springtime Colors White
Browns Shad Red Crayfish White/Chartreuse Brown White Works Cited

Staples, Bonita. Seasonal Lure Selection. n.d. 28 March 2013. <http://www.bassresource.com/beginner/seasonal_lure_selection.html>.
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