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Sir Charles Tupper

My PM Project By Nimrat

Nimrat Brar

on 24 October 2014

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Transcript of Sir Charles Tupper

Sir Charles Tupper
Sir Charles Tupper was born on July 2 1821 in Amherst,Nova Scotia. He Died on October 30 1915, England.He was buried in the st john cemetery Halifax,Nova Scotia. He was married to Frances Morse in 1826 for 65 years. They had 3 sons and 3 daughters. Two daughters died in Infancy.
Personal Life
Sir Charles Tupper was prime minister in 1896. He was 75 years when he finally elected to be prime minister. He was only prime minister for 10 weeks He was also a doctor. He is the son of Rev. Charles Tupper. He was elected in Nova Scotia legislative assembly.
Sir Charles Tupper got educated from the school called MD- university of Edinburgh,Scotland in 1843 and royal college of surgeons of Edinburgh
Mayor Accomplishments
He wanted to make Nova Scotia a part of Canada. It was accomplished in 1864.
He had become a minister of finance in 1887.
He was the secretary state in 1896
Interesting facts
He was the head commissioner in England.
he longest surviving father of confederation.
President of the canadian medical association 1867-70.
Sir Charles Tupper has the longest marriage of any Canadian prime minister.
Sir Charles Tupper is in the conservative party of Canada he was the leader of the party 1896-1901 and the premier of Nova Scotia 1864-1867. He was also the father of confederation 1867
Political Party
My Prime Minister Project
He was also the sixth prime minister
Mother- Miriam Lockhart
Father- Charles Tupper
Stepfather- John Lowe
Son- James Tupper
Son- Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper
Son- William Tupper
Daughter- Emma Tupper
Daughter- Elizabeth Stewart Tupper
Daughter- Sophy Almon Tupper
The Honorable Sir Charles Tupper
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