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English Project - Business Proposal

No description

Yuki Lee

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of English Project - Business Proposal

Creative industries play an increasingly important role in Hong Kong’s economy
Potential Challenge
Marketing Mix
Human Resources
Customer Solutions
Customer Cost

Short term business objectives:
Draw customer attention
Increase customer base

Operation within Alibaba ecosystem
China’s largest online shopping destination
Make use of it to run our business as to reach to the buyers in mainland China
Taobao Marketplace
Create our own shop
Alibaba announcing to spend RMB 1 billion fighting counterfeit products

About us
Government highly supportive of new creative enterprises
We are confident that our company can turn into

a successful business

Delivery Management
Customer Services
Basic customer services :
Online enquiry service
Cancellation of orders
Return of money and products
Inventory Management
Store Friendly
Rent a mini storage room
4’ × 2’ × 8’
Wong Chuk Hang Victory 12/F
One year contract

Delivery promise: three days
Delivery service through
Hong Kong Post
Mail the products each time we receive an order
Long-run: using services specialized for e-commerce business

Customer Dissatisfaction of Online Shopping
Majority of the respondents (62.2%) claimed that accuracy of products or service descriptions was the major reason lead to customer dissatisfaction
while 47.6% claimed it was mainly due to poor service quality and quantity;
38.4% of respondents claimed that time limit and terms and conditions could also lead to customer dissatisfaction
Duplicate Content and Copying
Local designer UUendy Lau had experienced design plagiarism
at first hand

The annual inspection from SAIC (the State Administration for Industry and Commerce)
: Act as an online trading platform between Hong Kong designing industry and mainland market
: Register an account on TaoBao.com
: An online retailer
: Invite art-related professionals and students to consign their products for sale at our online shop
Revenue distribution
: A fair amount of earnings received by designers ; 35% commissions collected by us for each unit sold

Postal rates for surface mail charged by the Hong Kong Post:

Inventory records
Lack of Awareness in Mainland Market
Generally, newly established company or business has relatively lower creditability and awareness in the marketplace.

Nearly half of the respondents (48.7%) visited shopping websites that were recommended by friends or relatives
In the long run
Personal customer services, such as video chat with a sale representative or personalized conversation on the phone

Satisfying Customers’ Needs
provide customers an abundance of information and details such as weight, length, height, color and other relevant data of the product
maintain good product and service quality, and establish generous return policy when fail to uphold standard quality to minimize the damage to goodwill
Protecting Originality
strongly encourage our clients (local designers) to seek protection from legal recourse such as copyright and patent laws
provide extra vigilance to ensure our clients’ products originality is not being violated
Establishing Goodwill
adopt Eachnet’s rating system DSR

Leung Sze Yan
Lee Yuk Man
Graduated from The Open University of Hong Kong
Majoring in marketing, visual art, accounting and information technology respectively

Cheung Pui Ki
Lee Yuk Ki
differences between product description and actual product

quality of communication and response time

whether the goods delivery period is reasonable

whether the delivery and handling charges are reasonable

Resources Needed
Short-run Key Personnel
Long-run Organizational Chart
Passionate and ambitious in setting up our own business
Physical Resources
Office equipments, such as computers, fax, printers
Target customers
Market segmentation
: Psychographic segmentation
Psychographic factors
: Lifestyle
Cross Cultural Consumer Characterization (4Cs)
- Advertising agency, Young & Rubican
First to try new brands Willing to take risk and try new brand like us

Support growth of new product categories and select brands for intrinsic quality
Highlight difference, sensation and adventure in choosing brand Our original, creative and unique products will likely to attract them
Support our new brand which offers original handicraft
Respond positively to our products which valued quality design and production most
Online advertising
The Internet’s vast reach can allow us to reach significantly more people in mainland China
Low cost
Promotion on Weibo
Create a new account with the name
"This is Me Online Selling Company"
Introduce the designers
and brands
Have specialist continuously
the new product, with
with our customers, i.e. reply the comments
Make use of
other features
e.g. Weifangtan
Advertisement on Youku
Upload videos onto Youku to promote our products
Designers explaining their own design
Behind the scenes of the making of products
When we are ran out of products...
Upload some videos showing the work in process as to attract and retain our customers
Video files uploaded on Youku can also be attached on Weibo
Baidu Paid Search
Choose keywords that our potential customers may use to search our products
Our ads are then displayed at the top of those related search result lists
We pay each time someone clicks our ads
The pricing flexible
Baidu Paid Search :
How much to pay per click for each keyword Maximum daily spend option
Rapid development of Hong Kong’s cultural and creative industry (CCI) in recent years

From “
Hong Kong Monthly Digest of Statistics

The value added of CCI in 2012 was $97.8 billion =
dramatic increase of 9.2%
from 2011
contribution of CCI to Hong Kong GDP was 4.9%
Baidu.com - Most Viewed Website
Recognized by a vast audience of potential customers
Strengthen our business name
Through Baidu Paid Search, our business name will pop up whenever customers searching for information related to our business
Great potential in mainland online sales network sites
Online shopping helps drives mainland sales
The transaction volume of online shopping has an average annual growth of 86.4% from 2005 to 2008
Online shopping amounted to Rmb 125 billion, making up 1.15% of the total retail sales of consumer goods

Potential competition to our business is other
online retail shops
, as in mainland China, Taobao Marketplace and Tmall are well-developed and popular online shopping destination which make us difficult to stand out of a ton of online sellers.

Our Business idea

Raise awareness of Hong Kong cultural and creative industry amongst Hong Kong and China by introducing Hog Kong designed products to the mainland market
Promote the importance of creativity
Encourage people to participate in the local cultural and creative industry
Start a

profitable and meaningful business
Art and design are essential to our spirituality
For those professional designers who just get started on their career…
We are here to offer them an
alternative to expand their business

to mainland China
For those design-related students whose talents are hidden under the competitive market in Hong Kong…
We believe they
deserve to be recognized and shined
Provides an opportunity

for them to take their first steps into success

Offering locally designed products such as handcrafted art, accessories and clothes from Hong Kong to mainland
Big Soil
Big Soil is a local professional cartoonist who draws comics and sells handicrafts designed based on the characters he creates.

Our business cooperating with Big Soil focuses on his handicrafts, which include the following:
Big Soil Illustration Tee
This is Big Soil's first cooperation with local brand "Goodafternoonwork". There are two styles, which are "polar bear dancing with a party hat worn" and "polar bear throwing a ball with a bow tie worn".
Big Soil x Goodafternoonwork Bag
The bags are hand-made with elaborate three-dimensional materials, which made them more exquisite.
Big Soil X Teelocker Tee
This is Big Soil's cooperation with Teelocker to design a series of illustration tees involving characters such as The Girl, The Polar Bear, The Penguin and The Boy.
Big Soil's illustration calendar notebook
Notebooks with calendar of twelve well-chosen Big Soil's illustrations.
Big Soil's Characters Badge
Characters badges produced with embroidery, which can be pressed on clothes or bags made of cotton
Big Soil's Illusatration Plastic Folders
Eight styles of Big Soil's illustration plastic folders with pictures at the front and encouraging words at the back.
Big Soil's Post Cards
A series of thirty postcards designed based on Big Soil's cartoon characters.
Hand-needled Characters Decorations
UUendy Lau
UUendy Lau dedicates her work to the audience with an aim to express her thoughts and inspire others, as well as to bring people together and cheer them. She specializes in fashion accessories and stylish stationery.
“Double U” is a unique recognition of the designer. It is not only a symbol of Double Happiness ‘ üü ’, but also the connection between people and the relationship among couples or buddies ü-ü .
Seasonal Products
(January) Lunar New Year (Card / Red Pocket)
Seasonal products which emphasise warm and blessing messages related to and connected with animals specially designed for Lunar New Year.
A N I M A L (A)– Greeting Card
Budget Plan
Projected Revenue

To achieve the
growth rate of revenue in each year, the budget for marketing and advertising should be raised every year as to:
Promote our company
Increase the browsing rate of our Taobao’s web page Attract more customers

The creative industries play an increasingly important role in Hong Kong’s economy
Phrase 2
Phrase 3
Phrase 4
Evaluate Sales performance
Phrase 5
(Expanding the business)
Phrase 1
Set up a home office
Purchase office equipment
Rent a warehouse
set up a TaoBao shop
Design the TaoBao shop's web page
Duration: 2 days
Invite Hong Kong designers and students to sell the products on our Taobao shop's web page
Upload product's information to the Taobao shop's web page
Upload advertising video about the products to Youku

Introduce the designers, brands and products through Weibo
Using Baidu Paid Search
(Every month)
Evaluate customers' feedback
Long Run
Set up new office
Hire staff
Implementation Plan
Setting up a home office rather than rent an office to minimize the cost for starting as a small-scale business
Purchase essential office equipment: Computer and printer
A warehouse needed for storing products
Set up a Taobao shop
A research done by Hitwise:
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