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Urban Art

No description

Lily Hudson

on 24 May 2010

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Transcript of Urban Art

Urban Art What Is Urban Art? Urban art is a kind of art
that relates to city life. Colour Theme Imagination Cartoon What makes Urban art? Famous Artists. Urban art Pics Banksy He is a british artist very famous He did some of this work Alot of painting!!! He is a contriversial artist who
paint's Paintings with a message his art is used as insperation
by mainy artists around the world Julian Beever he is famous for chalk drawings on the pavement he has drawn in the usa, the uk,france and many other places alot of his work is themed around music Uban art can be done by anyone,
some people may call it vanelism,
others call it art.
the beauty of urban art is that
everyone can enjoy it. Thankyou for watching my Prezi BY Lily Hudson This picture says,
'Keep your coins,
i want change'!
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