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CLP Talk 5

Christian Ideal: Loving God

glen magday

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of CLP Talk 5

CLP Talk 5
Christian Ideal: Loving GOD How can you show your love for God? Love God with all your heart, mind and strength! Can we stay faithful??? Kapag nahihirapan tayo... ...When things are not going our way When we don't get what we want... Kapag hindi natin maintindihan ang nangyayari... Edi paano ba talaga natin maipapakita ang pagmamahal natin kay Lord??? 1st commandment emotion 5 languages of LOVE TIME THINGS TOUCH TASK TALK Time...you can't turn it back! Compliments Encouragement Student life Confidence Unleash potential Words of wisdom Dad, Sir Dodoi and Sir Joel Failure to redemption Saturday Basketball Sunday lunch Work-Life Balance BONDING MOMENTS Hug Pat on the back High five! KUYA BENJO Birthday Pandesal tip ni officemate It's the thought that counts Holding hands Akbay doing favors ease the burden ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS LOVING YOURSELF AND OTHERS! red roses DON'T WASTE YOUR GOD-GIVEN ABILITIES! Action speaks louder than words...NOT ALL THE TIME Words...make or break lives household chores Inspire Helping people BE A BLESSING TO OTHERS GAMITIN NG TAMA ANG IBINIGAY NI LORD. Purpose-driven, not Pera-driven! Service Fist bump!
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