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The Wonderful

No description

Corey Markus

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of The Wonderful

The Wonderful
Wizard of Oz

featuring Joseph Campbell's
"The Hero's Journey"

By Corey Markus
A view of the main characters in the original movie from 1939.
What is
The Hero's Journey?
The Wizard of Oz?
Also known as his Monomyth, Joseph Campbell's The Hero's journey is a model used to describe the different stages that the protagonist of a story goes through
This was frist described by Campbell in his book
The Hero with a Thousand Faces

The standard model of The Hero's Journey
The Wizard of Oz is a classic American (but globally-known) movie that was a technological breakthrough in the film industry
On top of its immense popularity, The Wizard of Oz also provides a perfect outline of what the hero's journey represents, along with all the archetypes and supernatural power that goes along with it
Now, let us get started...
In the Ordinary World
The main character and protagonist in the story, Dorothy Gale, is a girl from a small town in Kansas.
Dorothy recently got in an argument at home and doesn't feel needed, so she attempts to run away.
After Dorothy's long adventure, she returns home to find her family waiting for her with open arms.
The Call to Adventure
The Threshold
The Challenges
The Abyss
The Revelation
The Transformation
The Atonement
The Return
Dorothy wearing her world-famous dress
Dorothy runs into Professor Marvel, a man who is well known for being able to tell people their fortune.
Dorothy plans on running away to England with this man, but Dorothy is soon enlightened by something he says to her.
Professor Marvel looks into his crystal ball and tells her that her family is worried sick about her and tells her to go home. *
Professor Marvel encourages Dorothy to go home, which begins her adventure that lasts fro the remainder of the movie.
Because the Professor helps Dorothy begin her Call to Adventure, he is also considered the herald.
Dorothy being directed by Professor Marvel
* Extra information. Professor Marvel couldn't actually see Dorothy's family in his crystal ball. Rather, while her eyes were closed, he took a picture out of his basket so he could see what her place looked like, and then make it appear as he could see her family at home. He did this so that he had a good reason to send Dorothy to where she truly belonged: home. This action further demonstrates the Professor's role as the herald.
In The Wizard of Oz, the threshold is not a person or an object, but instead it is mother nature.
When Dorothy is on her way home, a tornado breaks out, and she is sent to a magical place she had never been to, making the physical threshold crossed the tornado.
Because Dorothy is sent to a new place in which she has to find a way out of, the tornado is the threshold guardian.
The Mentor
Dorothy meets her mentor when she gets on the other size of the threshold.
Dorothy's mentor, Glinda, is a powerful sorceress who gained her power from conquering the Wicked Witch of the South.
Glinda grants Dorothy the famous ruby red slippers, who are of the Wicked Witch of the East that was killed when Dorothy's house crashed down on it.
In addition to meeting her mentor, Dorothy also meets the shadow of the story, the Wicked Witch of the West.
The Shadow
The witch is after her because of her sister's death; for the rest of the story, the Witch and Dorothy will be arch enemies
A confrontation between friend and foe
The Sorceress
The Slippers
Glinda said to Dorothy one of the most famous lines in the history of film: "Follow the yellow brick road!"
Dorothy is first faced with the challenge of knowing how to get home; her Mentor helps her in telling her which road to take to find the wizard.
Along the road, she meets her three new friends: Scarecrow, Tinman, and Cowardly Lion.
Along the way, Dorothy and her friends are put up to the test thanks to the actions of the Wicked Witch.
They encounter:

A magical flower field that makes them sleepy
Flying monkeys by the witch's castle
They also must:
Break into the witch's caste
The Tinman
The next character that Dorothy meets is the Tinman.
Cowardly Lion
Cowardly Lion is Dorothy's third and final friend that she meets on her journey.
Friends of
Scarecrow is the first character that Dorothy meets and befriends.
Scarecrow's goal is to find himself a brain so he can become more intelligent.
Scarecrow and Dorothy's first encounter
The Tinman's goal in the movie is to find a heart so that he is able to love.
Here be the Tinman!
Cowardly Lion's goal in the film is to find courage. He wants courage so he is able to scare people, like lions should be able to do.
Aw look at this little guy
Dorothy encounters the abyss upon returning to the Witch of the West's castle in attempt to capture her broom for the wizard.
When she gets to the castle, the witch captures her and informs her that she will be killed.
The witch brings her to a dungeon and places an hourglass in the castle so she knows how much longer she has to live.
She realizes that she probably has lost her family (and her life), so all she can do is break down and sit
Dorothy viewing her aunt through the witch's crystal ball while trapped in the castle.
The revelation of the movie occurs when Dorothy's friends come to the castle to rescue her.
When she sees her friends returning to save her, it is revealed to her that they are real friends, giving her incentive to escape the castle.
After being rescued from the Wicked Witch, Dorothy accidentally splashes water on the her, causing her to melt and defeating her.
Dorothy and friends experiencing the demise of their enemy, the Wicked Witch of the West
Dorothy goes through her transformation after she killed the witch.
After knowing that the witch is dead, she has an immense amount of incentive to get home, allowing
her to become a true leader.
She leads her furry friends to the Wizard one more time in order to have their wishes granted.
Dorothy returning Oz's castle with Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow and Tinman
Dorothy goes through her atonement when she has returned to the castle of Oz.
This occurs when, once they get into the castle, Dorothy confronts the wizard with the witch's broom and demands they get what they wished for.
He does not grant them their wishes again, but something important happens after this.
Toto's Triumph
Dorothy's dog, Toto, does something that nobody could have done or would have ever thought to do.
Toto pulls away the curtain in the corner, revealing a man at some mysterious control panel.
Because Toto is the only character who was able to perform this action, and also was able to make people laugh along the way, she is the trickster.
"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!," he shouts. Albeit his desperate attempts, Oz's true identity has been revealed. Toto, the trickster, is shown on the bottom right.
Who are the Shapeshifters?
The Shapeshifters in the story end up being those who have been with Dorothy for the entire time: Scarecrow, Tinman and Cowardly Lion
While they do not receive their requested wishes from Oz, they come to a self realization: on their journey, they have all accumulated what it is that they wanted on the beginning of their journey.
Scarecrow realizes that he has become much smarter (meeting his brain wish), Tinman realizes that he has learned to love (meeting his wish for a heart), and Cowardly Lion realizes that he has gained much of the confidence he wanted meeting his wish to be fierce.)
She realizes the importance of family, and has much more love for them than she has ever had before.
The film ends with her signifying this learned lesson with another of the most famous movie quotes of all time, "There's no place like home."
Dorothy's famous last quote scene.
One of the film's most famous scenes
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