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Cell Analogy

A cell compared to Hogwarts

Sophia Inaba

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Cell Analogy

Cell Analogy Project by Sophia Inaba Plant cell Hogwarts Cell is to Hogwarts... As RIBOSOMES are to STUDENTS/WIZARDS Cell is to Hogwarts... As CYTOPLASM is to THE EMPTY HALLWAYS Cell is to Hogwarts... As is to MITOCHONDRIA THE DINING HALL Cell is to Hogwarts... As is to CELL MEMBRANE LETTER FROM HOGWARTS Cell is to Hogwarts... As is to NUCLEOLUS TEACHER/WIZARD STAFF Cell is to Hogwarts... As is to ROUGH ER MOVING STAIRWAYS (WITH STUDENTS) Cell is to Hogwarts... As NUCLEUS is to DUMBLEDORE Cell is to Hogwarts... As is to SMOOTH ER MOVING STAIRWAYS (WITHOUT STUDENTS) Cell is to Hogwarts...
As is to CHLOROPLAST FOOD, CANDY Cell is to Hogwarts... As is to CENTRAL VACUOLE HOUSE COMMON ROOMS Cell is to Hogwarts... As is to CELL WALL PLATFORM 9 AND 3/4 Vesicle Cell is to Hogwarts... As is to VESICLE BROOMSTICKS, INVISIBILITY CLOAK, PORTKEYS Ribosomes Ribosomes' function is to create proteins in the cell, which helps the cell function. It can be compared to the students at Hogwarts, because the school cannot function or exist without its students. Cytoplasm The cytoplasm is what fills up the space in the cell and is made up of a jelly-like substance. It also provides building blocks. It is similar to the empty hallways of Hogwarts, because hallways take up the space in the school and it leads into classrooms which are like "building blocks" of knowledge for the students (ribosomes.) Smooth ER The smooth endoplasmic reticulum's functions include lipid synthesis, detoxification, and storage of calcium ions. It is an interconnected network connected to the rough ER. The moving stairways of Hogwarts corresponds to the smooth ER because they are an interconnected system. In this case, it would be the stairs WITHOUT the students since "smooth" refers to "without ribosomes". Rough ER The rough ER is similar to the smooth ER except it has ribosomes attached to it. It provides pathways to ribosomes and give vesicles products to transport. It can be compared to the moving stairways WITH students on, because they both provide pathways. Central Vacuole The central vacuole of the plant cell stores food, water, enzymes, and other material. It also adds support to the cell. The house common rooms (Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw) that the students slept in can be compared because it is where most of everything is located (food, water, restrooms, etc.) and a lot of people gather there which is similar to how there is a lot of material in the vacuole. Vesicle Vesicles are small sacs that transport material in the cell. Broomsticks, invisibility cloak, and the portkeys correspond to vesicles in Hogwarts because they are all sources for transportation for the students. Chloroplast The chloroplast is responsible for giving plants their green color and for creating food and sugars through photosynthesis. It is similar to the food and magical candy that the students eat, because it gives them energy just as the food from the chloroplast gives the cell energy. Cytoskeleton Cytoskeleton is what shapes the cell and helps it move. It also helps transports things and assist in reproduction. The physical structure of the building would be considered the cytoskeleton because it gives the school is shape and it includes the secret passageways that help for transportation. Cell is to Hogwarts... As is to NUCLEUS DUMBLEDORE Nucleus The nucleus controls all cell activity and store the genetic material of the cell. It can be compared to Albus Dumbledore. Like the nucleus, he has control over the whole school of Hogwarts and their activities. His Pensieve, where he stores his knowledge and memories, can also be compared to the DNA. Nucleolus The nucleolus is responsible for producing ribosomes and is located inside the nucleus. Nucleolus can be compared to the teachers/wizards at Hogwarts, because they have to take resposibility and care for the students, who represent ribosomes. Mitochondria Cytoskeleton Cell is to Hogwarts... As is to CELL MEMBRANE THE LETTER FROM HOGWARTS Cell Membrane The cell membrane is the boundary between the inside and the outside of the cell and also controls what goes in and out of the cell. It can be compared to the letter from Hogwarts. Like the cell membrane, the letters decide which students will go to Hogwarts and can enter the school (cell.) Cell Wall The cell wall is the outer layer that covers plant cells and it gives extra support. For Hogwarts, it would be platform nine and three-quarters. Just like the cell wall, it is an extra level of protection. It keeps Muggles from coming to Hogwarts. Theeeee end! IS TO The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell and releases energy from the food molecules. It is similar to the dining hall of Hogwarts, because it provides the school with yummy food and energy.
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