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Air traffic control


Ryan Jackson

on 26 August 2014

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Transcript of Air traffic control

Copeland Committee
Civil Aeronautics Act of 1938
1940 Reorganization of the CAA
* June 23, 1938 Congress pass the
Civil Aeronautics act, which created the CAA

* 1941 America approached the beginning of
WWII which brought a reduction in power and funding to the CAA

* CAA diminishes, President Roosevelt directed the Bureau of Budget to study and reorganize
History of Aviation
Jackson, Ryan
* May 6, 1935 TWA crashing occurred

* June 30, 1936 Copeland Committee
was formed

* Blame was given to the Bureau

* Congress and president decides
something needs to be done
* Reorganization Act of 1939, the
President chose to reorganize the CAA

* November 1941 the CAA established 23
ATCCs and controlled 100% of civilian traffic

* December 1, 1941 pilots needed to be certified by
the Department of Commerce in order to fly IFR
The War Years
* 1939 Aviation was ranked 46th largest
industry, by 1943 it had become the
largest industry in the world

* Research and development of civilian navigational system was halted

* December 12, 1941 President Roosevelt
signed Executive Order 8974

* During 1942 the CAA established INSACs
precursors to flight service station
* May 13, 1943 the military sought to reduce the CAAs control over military traffic

*March 27, 1945 the PICAO was established in attempt to plan for the nations growth in aviation

*PICAO was formed, but in 1947 they were superseded by ICAO

* President Truman signed
Executive Order
Civilian Versus Military Air
Traffic Control
Important ATC Events
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