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Grade 6A's 6 Word Memoirs

No description

Em Han

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Grade 6A's 6 Word Memoirs

Grade 6A's 6 Word Memoirs LOT'S OF FUN: shopping
and Toronto
-Lynnee P WhiteWater Rafting and Natural
Stone Waterslide -Anna V Went to Bangor with family: AWESOME!!
-MRS.WHYNOT Skyped my grandmother in Nigeria
-David D-S Competitive soccer; broke
my middle finger...
-Johanna M Went to Tree Go and Wild Water Kingdom!
--Thu V Learned to kayak,
an awesome river!!
-Ethan J Scored two goals in
soccer tournament
-Taylor B I got slapped with a fish.
- Dre A. Watched a whole bunch of youtube
-Nick S. Went to riding lessons;
love horses
-Kayla M I helped Dad raise baby chickens.
-- Dallas A Went fishing: caught two pound bass.
-- Davis E. Doing high jumps at bike park.
-- Kyle H. Had a sleepover with my friend.
--Emily H Went to Woodstock; for a Derby.
--Katelynn M I got World of Warcraft DC. -- Jacob P. Second Place in go-karting: wow! -- Joey M. I went whale watching
with my dad.
--Owen H Had fun at Tim Horton 's
--Mackenzie S Uncle makes really good
chicken wings.
--Mathieu H
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