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Learning Styles

No description

Stephanie Daniels

on 30 May 2017

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Transcript of Learning Styles

Kinesthetic (large motor movements)
We use senses of touch,
feeling and motion
to augment
primary learning
VARK Learning Styles
...and develop study strategies that utilize their learning style in and out of tutoring sessions
Clues to this style
Suggestions for
Tutor session
Likes diagrams, pictures, slides,
colors, symbols, highlightling
take lecture notes
underline, highlight or circle material
borrow others' notes, compare to own
draw pictures in notes to illustrate
use a variety of colors for different
categories or concepts

Likes to discuss, explain things out loud,
Tape record, remember stories/examples,
study aloud with a partner
study in groups and talk things out
get a mini tape recorder
record lectures to make permanent
verbal record of material
read texts out loud
listen to lecture/text tapes while driving
dictate papers to be typed later
tape record tutoring sessions
read questions and work out problems aloud
use word association
use discussion to help tutee hears self talk
ask tutee to explain diagrams, charts, graphs,
etc. out loud
have tutee repeat important points
Likes lists, handouts, note taking, manuals,
and workbooks
trace letters of words with finger
use finger as a guide while reading
take class notes and type or rewrite
them later
read notes silently to yourself
draw or doodle to remember
Needs to see information displayed in words.
have student write out everythin
write down trends for graphs and charts.
use definitions, handouts, notes, lists
encourage them to take notes
Likes field trips, labs, real life examples,
trial and error, problem-solving
use musical rhythms as patterns for
make up dances for different ideas
study or brainstorm while walking
turn ideas into material objects
incorporate putting things together
organize ideas by rearranging sentences
allow tutee to move around frequently (to
write on a board, for example)
use purposeful movement whenever possible
do role-plays and skits
make letters, numbers or shapes with body
(like YMCA) for memorization
use mobile study materials such as flashcards


These are primary - we do most of our learning through our eyes and ears
Discuss the student's learning style...
write it out!
use outlines, pictures, graphs, charts and diagrams
draw out ideas
work with many colors
make sure tutee can take visual materials with them, to go back and look at them
Learning Styles
In this module, you will learn about different learning styles your tutees may prefer and what that may mean for your tutoring sessions.
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