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Los Angeles

Von den coolsten Menschen der Welt!!!

isabel Masch

on 15 February 2016

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Transcript of Los Angeles

Los Angeles
by Carlotta Fee, Lena-Marie and

beverly hills
santa monica
hollywood sign:
-landmark from hollywood
-each letter of the sign is 12 meters high
-stand in the hollywood hills
film metropolis:
-Warner Bros
-20th Century Fox
-Universal Studios
-Paramount Pictures
-Columbia Films
walk of fame:
-stars with the names of the most famous people
-goes along the Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street
-more than 2.500 stars
-highest population of stars
-house in Beverly hills
cost at least
1 million $
- is a disney land
with a fantasyland for children
- fun for everyone
- 500 million visitors
until now
-most famous road
is the Rodeo Drive
-famous for its beaches
-most famous beach is Venice Beach:
-famous for the Santa Monica Pier:
-opened in 1909
- the mornigs are often foggy
-the endpoint from the route 66
-there is a fantasyland (Pacific Park)

4 kilometers long
-oppertunities to do sports
-there are halfpipes for skater
and inlineskater

-has a population of
more than

west coast of the USA
lies on the pacific coast


1290 km² (City) 75 km² water; 1214 km² land
4320 km² (Greater LA area)
never below 15° Celsius in winter
average 18° Celsius
in July and August the average temperature is 23° Celsius
in heatwaves are temperatures until 40° Celsius
founded on September 4th 1781
benefited from sale of meat, fruits and vegetables
was populated by spanish people
Los Angeles means "the angels" in spanish
2nd biggest city in the USA
3,8 Mio (city)
11,8 Mio (Greater LA area)
not many skyscrapers
3 jagged stripes in green, gold and red
most important fruits of California (olives, oranges and grapes)
4 fields (escutcheon of the USA, flag of the State California, escutche of México and Kastilien León)
on top is the name (City of Los Angeles)
Thanks for listening
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