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Nick McCall

on 20 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

ORGANIZED FLOW CHART BY: NICK MCCALL DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION Church of the Nazarene LOCAL CHURCH Church of the Nazarene The Church of the Nazarene District Assembly What is the District Assembly? District Superintendent Details District Evangelism Board District Ministerial Studies Board District Ministerial Credentials Board District Advisory Board Details District Church Properties Board District Assembly Finance Committee District Sunday School and Discipleship
Ministries International Board Duties District Nazarene Youth International Details Composed of the District Superintendent Ex Officio.
As well as up to 3 assigned ordained ministers. Up to 3 laypersons elected by ballot by the DA annually. Terms up to 4 years The Duties of the D.A.B. Set the date for the beginning and closing of the statistical year in harmony with the provisions To give information to and consult with the district superintendent respecting the ministers and local churches of the assembly district. To appoint an investigating committee consisting of 3 or more assigned ordained ministers and not less than 2 laypersons in case an accusation is filed against a member of the clergy. To select a trial court in case charges are make against a member of the clergy To serve in an advisory capacity to the district superintendent in his or her supervision of all the departments, boards, and committees of the district To recommend the renewal of license for the licensed minister serving as pastor. To elect or dismiss any paid assistants employed by the district To act as a finance committee between assemblies with authority to adjust operational budgets as necessary. To protect all district property To elect a district treasurer who will serve for 1-3 years.

To elect a district secretary

To certify withdrawals of any local church Composed of no less than 5 but no more than 15 ordained ministers, on of whom must be the District Superintendent.

They serve for a period of 4 years

The DS must serve at chairperson ex-officio of the board Duties of MCB Evaluate all persons desiring to gain roles of ministry.

Investigate failure of Ordained Ministers

To recommend to the DA, members of the Clergy, and those licensed for continuing ministry roles, for transfers.

Te recommend to the DA, persons having ministerial credentials, members of the clergy, and those licensed for continuing in ministry roles for reception of transfer from other districts.

Investigate reports concerning an ordained minister indicating that he or she has placed his or her church membership with any other church or that he or she has joined with the ministry of another denomination or group

To recommend to the DA, members of clergy, and those licensed for ministry to transfer to another district. Details and Duties Composed of at least 5 ordained ministers, elected by the D.A.

The board shall elect from among its members a chairperson. They shall elect an assigned ordained minister as secretary

The board should work with the DS and the Clergy Development office in ways to encourage, aid, and guide the candidates who are pursuing validated courses of study in a Nazarene college/university or seminary.

The board shall report all relevant data concerning each candidate's educational progress to the District Ministerial credentials board. Secretary Must be an ordained minister

Provide a record book of Ministerial Studies Assign to the other members of the board the responsibility for and supervision of all candidates enrolled in a course of study for ministry.

Attend all meetings of the board, and shall oversee the work of the board each year Chairperson Details Details/Duties Either a District Evangelism Board, or a district director of evangelism will be elected by the DA.

The board or the director shall seek to promote and amplify the necessity of holiness evangelism, by providing training opportunities, by conducting rallies and conferences, and by every other available means, to impact the district. Details/Duties Composed of:
The District Superintendent ex officio
No fewer than 2 assigned ministers
2 lay members.

The DAB may serve as the DCPB upon favorable vote at the DA.

To advance the cause of constructing church-related buildings

To verify and conserve the titles to local Church property.

To consider propositions submitted by local churches relating the purchase or selling of real estate and advise them concerning their propositions. Details/Duties To meet prior to the district assembly and to make recommendation to the district assembly concerning all financial apportionment's and the allocation of those to the local churches.

To do whatever else the DA may direct in areas of district finance

To publish in the district journal the method used and the percentages applied to determine the fund base for all accepted financial apportionments. SDMI Chairperson Details Composed of:
The District Superintendent
The District Nazarene Missions International President
Nazarene Youth International President
The chairperson of the District SDMI board
Additional members are elected by the DA To give responsible leadership to the SDMI on the district by promoting programs of growth in enrollment and attendance, and to coordinate all programs relating to Children's and Adults ministries.

To be an ex officio member of the DA and the District Sunday School and SDMI board.

To report to the General Board Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International office accurate SDMI statistics each month. Service for a 1 or 2 year term.
They may be re-elected by vote when it has been recommended by the SDMI board. Details NYI is organized on the district under the auspices of Nazarene Youth International under the NYI charter, and the authority of the DS, DAB and the DA.

Composed of members and local groups of NYI of the assembly district.

NYI is shall be coordinated by a district NYI Council. Composed Of: The President
Vice President
Youth representatives
Ministry directors
The District Superintendent The District Nazarene Youth International President Duties To give direction and leadership to the district NYI Council in facilitating the development of youth ministry on the district.

Report to the district superintendent and District Advisory Board

Shall be a member of ex officio of the DA. Duties Term begins 30 days after DA.
Runs for 2 assembly years ending 30 days after the DA.
My be re-elected. To Organize, recognize, and superintend local churches within the bounds of his or her district
To be available to the local churches.
Has the authority and responsibility to remove a pastor from office after much effort of intervention and healing.
To schedule reviews with local pastors.
To have special supervisions over all the church-type missions of the Church of the Nazarene
TO nominate DAB someone to fulfill vacancy for secretary or treasurer.
To appoint a District Chaplaincy director.
To approve or disapprove granting licensing of any member
To execute and sign all legal documents.
To nominate to the DAB and to supervise any paid assistants on the districts.
Shall be ex officio chairperson of the DAB.
All acts of the DS shall be evaluated by the DA. District Secretary Details The District Treasurer Details: Duties Elected by the DAB

Serve between 1 and 3 years.

Shall be a member ex officio of the DA To record correctly and preserve faithfully all minutes of the DA.
Record and preserve all statistics of the district
To submit all statistical charts to the GS
To be custodian over all documents of the DA
To preserve and file the full offical journal
To forward sufficient copies of the printed journal to each DA
To present to the GA, for the DA, the full official journal
May have as many assistants as the DA may elect Duties: Elected by the DAB

Serve up to 3 years

Shall be a member ex officio of the DA To recieve all such moneys from his or her district as may be designated by the GA, DA, DAB, or as the needs of the Church of the Nazarene may require.

To keep a correct record of all moneys received and disbursed and to render a monthly report to the DS for distribution to the DAB A district is an entity made up of independent local churches organized to facilitate the mission of each local church through mutual support, the sharing of resources, and collaboration. The Business of the District Assembly: To hear and receive an annual report of the district superintendent which summarizes the ministry of the district. The Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International They are responsible for the Christian education ministries of the Church.
The Members are ex officio the SDMI Superintendent; the Pastor; the NMI president; the NYI President; CMI director; AMI director; 3 to 9 persons elected from the Church membership at the annual meeting.

They are to plan and promote ministry of CHristian education for the local Church.
To reach the largest NYI President The president shall be elected according to ministry plan at the annual NYI meeting by the nyI members present who are also members of the Church of the Nazarene. The President must be a member of the ex officio of the church board, SDMI, and the DA. Stewards Qualifications: Trustees Qualifications: Nazarene Missions International President shall be nominated by a committee of 3 to 7 members of the NMI. Appointed by the Pastor, who shall serve as chair person. The president shall be elected by majority vote by ballot of the members present and voting. The president must be a member of a local church whose NMI is served, must be a member of the ex officio of the Church board The Church Board There shall be more than 25 regular members of the Church Board
Ordained and district licensed ministers unassigned by the district and paid employees of the local church are not eligible to serve on the local church board. Pastor Qualifications An elder or licensed minister may be called to pastor a church by 2/3 favorable vote by ballot of the Church members of voting age.

The pastor should work with the Church board by clearly communicating their goals and expectations to each other in writing. Associate / Assistant Pastor The co-pastors should work with the Church Board, under the direction of the DS to develop a specific plan for practical division No fewer than 3 or more than 9 members.

They are elected from among the members of the local Church to serve for the next Church year.

They are to hold the title to church property and manage it as trustees of the local church.

Give guidance to financial planning No fewer than 3 or more than 13 in number.
They are elected by ballot.
The responsibilities of:
outreach, evangelism, extension, including sponsoring new churches.
To serve as the evangelism and church membership committee.
To assist the pastor in organizing the church.
To provide elements for the Lord's supper The District Structure The Local Church Structure
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