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Marketing 101

No description

Terri Phillips

on 11 November 2011

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Transcript of Marketing 101

Life in the Fast Lane Let's take a look at the changing landscape... Auto pilot - running script builds trust Leading Customers the times are changing... more
will be
in the next
4 years than
in the entire
history of
the world. Information/Post Information Age or welcome to the 3000 commercial messages a day and rising How the brain copes with INFORMATION OVERLOAD The lights are on... P2P create value VSB (very small business) must
create a high level of value in
order to survive so how do I compete? Learning From Your Customers constant evolution to meet customer needs case study for breaking the game change based skills how do I know which direction to go? value has a short shelf life listening greater customer value = conserving attention your real competition is attention HUNTER/GATHERER AGE AGRICULTURE AGE INDUSTRIAL AGE INFORMATION AGE POST - INFORMATION AGE university grads increase = education becomes a commodity decreasing it's competitive value knowledge manufacturing competition based on price manufacturing moves overseas
bringing industrialization to other
countries consumption competition based on knowledge and innovation competition based on personal value,
connection and fit focus on reducing costs and increasing production Post War focus was on
increasing mass marketing web 2.0 peer based model starts to take root nomadic followed the food stayed in one place grew the food right brainers left brainers beginning of the powerbased model a job that once required
400 workers
now requires 4 logical problem solving education no longer guarantees a job creative problem solving involving people point to point communications trust in power based messages
and traditional media diminished knowledge work begins
to move overseas to Asia narratives in the direction of their take them somewhere they've never been 1 step rule Marketing 101 Creating Context and Selling the Future It's called evolution folks ongoing relationship building if you've built a relationship of trust they will eagerly follow you if you're going in the right direction tribal groups for safety (connection age) unions mass production and mass consumption Ad placement in North America Daily (2010) 12 Billion display ads 3 million radio spots 200,000 tv commercials beliefs drive behavior changing behavior requires consciousness what is reality? the lies.. uh I mean stories mythologies are shared realities so, who's the wizard behind the curtain? they need to recognize your story as theirs recognize you as part of their tribe constant testing "Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other."— John F. Kennedy From speech prepared for delivery in Dallas, Texas, November 22, 1963 "You should recognize that criticism is not always a
put down. If you take it to heart, maybe it will guide
the way you ought to be going."
— Joseph Flom "Seek first to understand, then
to be understood."
- Stephen R. Covey "Effective questioning brings insight, which
fuels curiosity, which cultivates wisdom."
— Chip Bell "The most basic of all human needs is the need to understand and be understood. The best way to understand people is to listen to them."
— Ralph Nichols constantly we tell ourselves... high persistence pattern recognition design thinking - suspend judgement managing beliefs (inside and outside) personal clarity and vision commitment to discovery and success engagement multi-disciplinary approach iterate observation empathy/ understanding interviewing establish greater trust get inside their head shared vision aspirations it's how we view the world trust = connectivity = value tribal ask them to tell you stories sea buscuit - rob add more graphics and videos to presentation to better illustrate process
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