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Pluto1 by Gaby

No description

James Newman

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Pluto1 by Gaby

Pluto's surface is cold, barren,
and icy. Pluto is so far from
the sun that only a
little bit of light
reaches Pluto. Pluto is 5.9 billion miles away from the sun. Pluto is no longer the ninth planet. Pluto Pluto became a dwarf planet. Pluto was one of the nine planets until
2006 when scientist decide that it was
too small. The dwarf planet It has mountains It takes Pluto 248 years to orbit the sun Pluto's orbit around the sun is very odd, because
sometimes its orbit brings it closer to the then Neptune. and snow It takes Pluto 6 days and
9 hours to rotate on its axis. The special thing about Pluto is that
Pluto has an atmosphere. Pluto's
atmosphere is very thin. Pluto is the small planet,
it is 2,390 km wide and
is the smaller then 8
planets. There are 5 moons orbiting
Pluto there names are:
Charon, Hydra, Nix, P5
and P4 Nobody knows if
Pluto has rings because
it is so far away that no
rings are not visibly seen Pluto is snowy, rocky planet. Pluto's gravity is 7% earths gravity. If a person weighed 100 pounds on earth
then they would weigh 7 pounds on Pluto. If a person weighed 100 pounds on
Earth they would weigh7 pounds on
Earth Pluto's gravity is 7% of Earths Pluto is a snowy,rocky planet. Pluto temperature
is 43 K (-230 C). by Gaby
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