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The Universe of Princeton Public Library Teen Advisory Board

Hanna Lee

on 17 May 2013

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Transcript of TAB

Teen Programs Princeton Public Library TAB Highlights What we're looking
forward to Biggest TAB Challenge(s) Thank you!

Questions? Comments? Teen Advisory Board
Currently 35 members
Grades 9-12
10 local high schools
Selected via application process Desta: Spending time with kids near to us in age, and getting real world experience in working with others. Desta: Having good ideas, and being able to come up with ways to carry them out. Also, it can be hard talking with a large group of people, and still being heard Desta: COLLEGE. Also the student film festival, and The annual childrens book festival. The universe of the
\ Emma: Meeting people from other schools and grades who we otherwise wouldn't talk to. Emma: Being able to cooperate with other people when trying to organize and work at event. Helen: Being able to spend time with friends we don't normally see in a lovely environment. Helen: Compromising when your views clash with those of the rest of the group. Helen: Just the next TAB meeting to see what other events we have lined up. Emma: The spelling bee because I've heard such great things about it and can't wait to participate. What Do We Do? Our groups...
Meet once a month
Discuss books, articles, music, TV, etc.
Organize events for the community
Volunteer at library-organized events such as film festivals and Nano Day GBC Go Between Club
Currently 16 members
Grades 6-8
10 local high schools
Selected via application process
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