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Vice Versa

No description

Dylan Que

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of Vice Versa

Looking out the window.
Amy looks out the window with hope, "Today's the day Ore! I'm finally finding the descendant of Cire!"
"If he's really the descendant,then he should
It doesn't matter whether or not the knowledge is a knowledge,hoax, or misunderstanding. Every story seemed to have a lesson or small bit of intelligence to share. Walls closing in? His advice would be to get the thing closest to a stick to stall and get out. Where did he get this information?Hundreds of stories alike. He ran on these stories for popularity. Now that nothing depressing is going on, he has nothing to do. Then Amy comes to cement this opinion at school the day she tranfers in to it.
Eric = Main character, monster enthusiast, and unknowingly descendant of a monster
Amy=Main character, 1,500 years old, unknown monster type
Bob= ?
Ore= Shape Shifter, appears only in prologue and "ending"
By Dylan Que
Vice Versa
sensed you by now."
"ORE! why put my hopes in the dump? You should be happy too! You were also so excited for finding him as well."
" That was different! Now I've seen that he's a scholar instead of a warrior, I'm not anymore!" It was the day of Amy's transfer to Las Vegas. Eventually to find her partner in justice's descendant.
" I need to find him Ore... or else my father will raid this world like the time the of the others. The famine. I'll never forgive myself."
Plot= Eric is taken to be briefed about something, he's telling what he recalls about this.
Eric's room
May-be a haunted house
A school
Exposition (as well)
Eric's Time Before Amy
Rising Action
1. Eric makes the conclusion that Amy is a monster form multiple stories

2. Amy teleports into Eric's bedroom while Eric is asleep, but he notices

3. Amy turns into a doll
Things become clear as tihngs are remembered in a way.
Falling Action
Amy is suddenly taken away...
They begin to search
For where Amy could be
Don't only trust
the cover
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