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Recruiting and Labor Markets

No description

Emily Hammer

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Recruiting and Labor Markets

Recruiting and Labor Markets
Chapter 6
Know the industry and where to Recruit Qualified Applicants
Identify keys to success in Labor Market (What is your Competitor Doing?)
Build relationships with prospective sources
Promote the company brand (Is the company a good place to work?)
Use Recruiting Metrics to Assess Effectiveness
Effective Recruiting REQUIRES
the process of generating a pool of qualified applicants for available jobs.
What is Recruiting?
Communicate Clearly Job Requirements
Comply with EEO Regulations
Be Sensitive to Diversity Issues
Utilize Appropriate Language
Do NOT hurt the Image of the Employer
Do NOT do something that will get the company sued
Recruiters Need to Know What they are Doing
Employment Brand
Internet Recruiting
Industry and Occupational
Educational and Technical
Different Types of Labor Markets
Inside Organization or Outsourcing
New Hires or Temporary Employees
Internal or External
Job Previews
Options for Recruiting
Media Sources
Competitive Recruiting Sources
Employment Agencies
Labor Unions
Job Fairs & Creative Recruiting
Career Expo (Today and Tomorrow)
Educational Institutions & Recruiting
External Recruiting
Internal Databases
Job Posting
Employee-Focused Recruiting
Current Employee Referrals
Re-Recruiting Former Employees or Applicants
Internal Recruiting
Recruiting Quantity & Quality
Time Required to Fill Openings
Cost of Recruiting
Yield Ratios
Selection Rate
Acceptance Rate
Success Base Rate
Measuring Recruiting Effectiveness
Resume Mining
Applicant Tracking
Employer Career Website
Internal Mobility
Realistic Job Previews
Responsive Recruitment
Increasing Recruiting Effectiveness
Is Recruiting ALWAYS necessary?
No. If the # Number of available candidates equals the number of people to be hired.
If position can be left open, more recruiting can ALWAYS be done if the RIGHT person is not available.
Labor Force Population
Applicant Population
Applicant Pool
All individuals who are available for selection if ALL possible recruitment strategies are used.
Subset of Applicants who are ACTUALLY Recruited.
People who Actually Apply for the job.
Individuals Selected
People you Hired.
All Case Studies and Group Projects will be graded by Sunday at Midnight.
Upcoming Assignments
March 4 - Four Recruitment and Retention Case Scenarios
March 6 - 2nd Submission of Employee Handbook: Compensation & Employment Sections
March 9 - Test 2
March 11 - NO CLASS
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